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alert-–-stranger-things-star-millie-bobby-brown-reveals-her-blemishes-in-a-candid-makeup-free-selfie-as-she-opens-up-on-her-acne-battleAlert – Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown reveals her blemishes in a candid makeup-free selfie as she opens up on her acne battle

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Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is getting real with her fans by sharing an up close and personal selfie displaying her pimples.

In a post designed to promote her skincare and beauty line Florence by Mills, the 19-year-old – who is engaged to Jake Bongiovi – jokingly captioned the snap ‘send help!’

Showing fans that she has bad skin days just like everyone else, the actress then revealed a glowing, fully made up snap, aided by her makeup brand.

The actress’ Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp commented ‘Love it,’ while Oscar winner Octavia Spencer attributed the breakout to ‘hormones.’

Zits!: Millie Bobby Brown bared herself, spots and all, literally as she shared a photo with several pimples on her face and forehead. ‘Thank you for normalizing breakouts. ❤️’ penned a grateful fan

Fans were grateful to learn the Enola Holmes star isn’t always perfectly polished.

One thankful follower wrote, ‘She makes me feel so comfortable to have acne i feel almost empowered and confident in my face bc I’ve learned that it truly is normal.’ 

‘Thank you for normalizing breakouts. ❤️’ penned another fan. 

Millie launched her makeup line Florence by Mills in 2019.

‘I don’t know anything about beauty and skin care,’ she told Allure at the time. 

‘That’s why I created this. I’m going to take you on this journey with me, so we can learn more about botanicals, serums, fruit and vegetable extracts, enzymes. 

‘Things that are so important for your skin, but we don’t know about because we’re young.’

The two-time Emmy nominee’s line is vegan and cruelty free.

Flawless:  Millie asked for her Florence by Mills makeup line to ‘send help,’ and shared a photo of her complexion looking flawless with help from the cosmetics

Clean: Millie created a vegan makeup line that said ‘no’  to animal testing, and animal by-products, but doesn’t always apply that principle to what she puts in to her body (Pictured in London in September)

Food: Millie quit being vegetarian, while working on a film saying she added meat to her diet for energy. However, studies have shown that animal products, including meat and dairy, contribute to mental and physical fatigue as well as skin problems  

‘Clean means saying “no” to ingredients that are believed to be unsafe for us and/or the environment, animal testing, and animal by-products,’ the website reads. ‘Clean means saying “yes” to proven ingredients that make us feel good from head to toe. cleans also means we strive to care for the planet.’

However, it appears the Godzilla v Kong actress doesn’t always apply that principle to what she puts in to her body. 

In an interview with Marie Claire she said ‘I think fruits and vegetables are your best friends. I drink a lot of juices and I love kombucha,’ but, after having problems keeping up with the physical work on a film, she returned to eating meat for energy. 

However, a study from the journal Nutrients found that eating meat, particularly processed meat leads to mental and physical fatigue. 

Dairy, processed meats and sugary foods area also linked to skin problems, according to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Damsel delayed: The release of the actress’ latest film Damsel, has been delayed until 2024. Her Princess Elodie must use her wit and skills to prevent becoming a tasty treat to a dragon in the Netflix film

Millie’s latest film, Damsel, was supposed to be released October 13, but the debut has been pushed back to sometime in 2024. 

The in-demand actress stars as a young woman who agrees to marry a prince only to discover she’s to be sacrificed to a dragon to pay off an ancient debt incurred by the royal family.

Her character, Princess Elodie much use her wit and physical skills to prevent becoming a tasty treat. 

Angela Bassett and Robin Wright also star in the fantasy adventure.

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