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alert-–-heroic-boy,-11,-is-bitten-by-savage-xl-bully-dog-as-he-steps-in-to-prevent-it-attacking-his-younger-brother-and-sisterAlert – Heroic boy, 11, is bitten by savage XL Bully dog as he steps in to prevent it attacking his younger brother and sister

An 11-year-old boy heroically battled with a savage XL Bully to protect his younger brother and sister from the hound’s potentially fatal attack.

Theo Scarpato was bitten on his right thigh after facing down the animal when it bolted from a house in South Wales, with his mother Tina calling him a ‘true hero’.

The dog, which has been banned since the turn of the year, came growling towards the Scarpato family after they left a church service.

Tina Scarpato, 41, said Theo ran towards the beast in an effort to lure it away from his younger brother and sister who were left ‘shaking and screaming’.

She said they had seen the dog in the distance outside the house in Pillgwenlly, Newport, and waited for it to go inside before they headed towards their car, but as they got closer the dog came back out ‘running and growling’ and Theo headed straight towards it.

Tina said: ‘The dog chased him around a parked car before lunging forward and locking onto the back of his right thigh.

‘Theo’s leg was pouring with blood and he was shaking with fear and screaming help me.

‘My other children were both shaking and screaming.’

Tina said the dog’s owner ran after the XL Bully and pulled the animal away before returning to check if the youngster was ok.

Tina added: ‘With the help of a parishioner, I took Theo to my mum’s house where we rang the police and were advised to take him straight to the hospital.’

Doctors found the brave child had suffered five puncture wounds, a deep cut and scratches which were cleaned and stitched.

His mother said medics informed her that Theo was lucky that the animal bit him on the thigh and not elsewhere as the consequences could have been fatal.

Tina revealed the dog’s owner handed it over to police and it has since been destroyed.

She added: ‘Theo is healing well and is due to have his stitches out next week. This traumatic event has affected the whole family and we are all so fearful of dogs.

‘Theo also said he ran away from us as he didn’t want the dog to hurt his little brother and sister so he really is our true hero.

‘We want to thank everyone who has supported us during this – the staff at the hospital, people at the church and people at Pill Harriers RFC where Theo plays rugby and our family.’

The mother-of-three added her eldest son is ‘a keen rugby player’ and football fan, saying: ‘This injury has really taken a toll on his mental health. He cannot wait to get back on the field and be active again.

‘Theo loves dogs but this has really made him really afraid and nervous around them.’

Gwent Police received reports of a dog attack on Clarence Street in Newport near St Michael’s RC Church at around 11.50am on Sunday, June 30.

A spokesperson for the police force confirmed that an ’11-year-old boy was taken to hospital for treatment’ and that a registered XL bully dog was surrendered to officers by the owner.

XL Bully dogs have had to be registered in the UK since their ban, and owners must keep their dogs muzzled when they are out on walks.

The powerful breed has distinctive features, including an average 20-inch height, broad shoulders, a bulky head and nine-stone weight. 

New laws on owning the breed were introduced following a wave of fatal attacks linked to XL Bully-type animals. 

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