Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
alert-–-a-list-hamptons-bash-attended-by-leonardo-dicaprio-and-brooks-nader-descends-into-chaos-as-door-girl-punches-‘demanding-rich-girl’-in-the-face-after-crowd-rushed-gateAlert – A-list Hamptons bash attended by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brooks Nader descends into chaos as door girl punches ‘demanding rich girl’ in the face after crowd rushed gate

An A-list Hamptons party over the Fourth of July weekend is said to have descended into chaos after a bouncer punched a ‘demanding rich girl’ trying to get into the soirée that featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Sports Illustrated model Brooks Nader.

Several people were clamoring to get into the bash hosted by hospitality guru Richie Akiva at tech mogul David Rosenberg’s Bridgehampton estate on July 6 after the entry gate was shut, Page Six reports. 

One such woman allegedly became aggressive and ‘went after the girl with the clipboard and hit her,’ an unidentified source told the outlet.

‘She jumped on her and the clipboard girl pushed her off to protect herself in self-defense.’

Another witness described the scene by saying, ‘A rich girl was being demanding.

‘She was fighting to get in with the door girl,’ the source said. ‘She got in the girls’ face and hit her or pushed her and the door girl punched her in the face.’

The witness said police eventually arrived on the scene and arrested the girl trying to push her way into the party, but it took ‘a while’ for the officers ‘to figure out which one they should cuff.’

‘They arrested her because she attacked the door girl,’ the witness told Page Six.

Meanwhile, others reportedly tried to push their way into the party – which also featured celebrities Tobey Maguire, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and NBA star James Harden – by sneaking through the bushes. 

But ‘the people who climbed through the bushes to get in showed up with mud all over them,’ an unidentified source said.

It was sure to be a sight, as rapper ASAP Ferg performed and DiCaprio reportedly helped out a drunk party guest.

‘At one point Leo picked up a very drunk guy, and put him by a pole. The guy was literally falling over,’ an onlooker previously told Page Six.

‘Leo put out his hand on [the pole] so he wouldn’t fall and said, “Stay there.” The man listened to the movie star and stayed holding onto the pole,’ the site added.

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