Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
alert-–-mad-king-joe-won’t-go!-dan-mclaughlin-rages-at-the-shameless-white-house-cover-up-and-says-bunker-biden’s-orange-faced-lies-prove-he’s-the-real-threat-to-democracyAlert – Mad King Joe won’t go! DAN MCLAUGHLIN rages at the shameless White House cover-up and says Bunker Biden’s orange-faced lies prove he’s the REAL threat to democracy

They’re really trying it, aren’t they?

President Joe Biden and his Inner Circle Delusionists are hoping to brazen it out and prop up this past-its-expiry-date presidency.

In the process, they’re proving themselves to be everything they’ve ever leveled at Donald Trump: out-of-touch, a sore loser, anti-democracy.

Mad King Joe just won’t quit.

As he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in Friday’s primetime interview, ‘if the Lord Almighty comes down and tells me’ only then will he consider stepping back from the ticket. Maybe.

Snap polls following the CNN debate disaster in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both show Trump pulling to a six-point national lead.

Reports suggest that Democratic party internal polling is even worse. One leaked survey has Biden losing Virginia, New Mexico, and New Hampshire (he won all three comfortably in 2020).

Meanwhile, party officials are – privately at least – tearing themselves apart, with a handful of senior figures breaking rank and publicly calling for Joe to go.

Big donors – Netflix’s co-founder Reed Hastings and Disney heiress Abigail Disney among them – are slowly raising the alarm, along with big-beast lefties like Stephen King.

As of writing, nine House Democrats – all on the ballot in November and worried about their own electoral prospects – have spoken out. That number will only grow.

While nowhere near as injurious as the CNN debate, the Stephanopoulos interview has clearly failed to move the needle.

As one senior House Dem – not brave enough to be named – told Reuters late Friday: ‘I don’t see how he lasts the week as the nominee.’

And yet Biden is digging in, seemingly comfortable to gaslight everyone – even his own party.

As he told Stephanopoulos, he’d happily take the side down with him.

Stephanopoulos: ‘If you stay in and Trump is elected… how will you feel in January?’

Biden: ‘I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the goodest [sic] job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about.’

Lawmakers returned to Capitol Hill on Monday after the July 4 recess to find a letter in their inboxes from the man himself.

‘I am firmly committed to staying in this race,’ Biden reiterated in a typically over-long screed, before dragging himself out of bed to rant and rave from the bunker on an incoherent phone-in with his pals on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’.

‘I’m more than the presumptive [nominee], I’m going to be the Democratic nominee,’ he told a stunned Mika Brzezinski.

Hours later, reports emerged that an expert on Parkinson’s disease visited the White House eight times between last July and this March.

How do we know this? Because the White House’s own publicly released visitor log says so.

Yet, when asked repeatedly about it by reporters on Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre flatly refused for ‘security reasons’ to ‘share names of [medical] specialists’.

It was a particularly novel tactic in the on-going Biden ill-health cover-up, since the expert’s name – Dr Kevin Cannard – is ‘shared’ clearly in the White House’s public records.

Last week, KJP tried insisting that Biden’s poor debate performance was down to the combination of a bad ‘cold’ and 12-day old ‘jetlag’.

Do these people take us for fools?

Biden’s Chief of Staff Jeff Zients certainly does. He held an all-staff call last Wednesday in which he took no questions and fobbed off worried employees, saying: ‘Put your heads down… hold your heads high.’

He may as well have told them to brush up their resumes.

Last Monday, Biden called a brief press conference supposedly to make comments on the Supreme Court’s Trump immunity ruling that day, but really just to prove that he could still read off the teleprompter after 8pm.

To make the president appear less cadaver-like, his makeup team sent him out looking even more orange than Trump himself.

Old Joe, who just weeks ago was lecturing us to question neither judge nor jury in Trump’s hush money case, shifted gears to criticize the ‘Court’s attack [on] the rule of law in this nation’.

He said that no one should be ‘a king above the law’ and that there are now ‘virtually no limits on what a president can do’. Truer words.

In the debate with Trump – who he calls a ‘congenital liar’ – Biden claimed no American troops have been killed on his watch.

The families of the 13 service men and women who died during the US’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal beg to differ – and the American public have had enough.

We deserve, for instance, to know more about Joe’s shrinking circle of hangers-on – his crackhead felon son and Vogue covergirl wife at their helm – who may or may not be running the country. The ‘impenetrable group of enablers’, as one insider described them to Politico, who keep him ‘isolated’ like a feeble monarch holed up in his throne room.

The Mad King’s media bag-handlers at the New York Times and CNN have finally given up the ghost, openly now accepting what the rest of us have known for months: Joe can’t go on.

Yet this administration – backed by shameless bigwigs like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – cannot, will not give in, hoarsely screeching their message to stay in line behind Biden. Even if that line increasingly resembles a funeral procession.

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