Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
alert-–-the-rain-in-spain-does-not-go-down-the-drain!-floods-hit-costa-blanca-region-popular-with-holidaymakers,-with-fast-flowing-water-washing-cars-along-the-streets…-as-brits-prepare-to-fly-out-on-holidayAlert – The rain in Spain does not go down the drain! Floods hit Costa Blanca region popular with holidaymakers, with fast-flowing water washing cars along the streets… as Brits prepare to fly out on holiday

Several regions across south-east Spain’s have been battered by torrential rain, hail and strong winds causing flash floods and forcing the closure of roads.

Images from Costa Blanca showed submerged streets, overflowing rivers, and fast-moving water barrelling across dry fields before crashing onto highways.

Local media reported that emergency response officials had clocked over 320 incidents relating to the weather as on Monday night.

The region most affected has been Spain’s eastern Levante area, which includes Valencia, Benidorm, Alicante and Murcia – a popular area for British tourists.

Reports said the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia had been especially impacted. According to the Eltiempo news outlet, over 60 millimetres of rain had fallen around the city of Murcia, leaving vehicles trapped. 

Tree branches were also reported to have fallen on tram tracks in Murcia. 

One picture showed a car almost completely submerged on a roundabout.

As of 10pm last night, the Murcia Plaza outlet said there were yet to be any reports of injuries. There were reports of people having to be rescued from their vehicles.

An emergency alert was still in effect as of last night after the General Directorate of Security declared level 1 state of emergency across the region.

The storms come at a time when many Brits will be jetting off for holidays to escape what has so-far been a disappointing spring.

Temperatures across the UK on Tuesday were forecast to peak at around 15 degrees, lower than many will have been hoping for at this time of year.

Still, the British weather will be preferable to that being seen in Costa Blanca and other regions along Spain’s eastern Mediterranean coast this week.

Spain is not the first Mediterranean country to have been hit with extreme flooding this year, after Italy was also struck by flash floods at the end of May.

In one heartbreaking incident, three friends were caught in a flash flood and swept away – after sharing a final embrace.

Tragic footage posted on X showed Patrizia Cormos, 20, her friend Bianca Doros, 23, and her boyfriend Cristian Molnar, 25, standing thigh deep in a churning river.

The chief of the provincial firefighters in Udinehe, Giorgio Basile, told The Telegraph he threw them a rope in a desperate attempt to rescue the group.

But tragically they were ‘swallowed up by the flood waters’ as he watched and he saw them ‘disappear’ on May 31.

Two bodies, believed to be Ms Cormos and Ms Doros, were discovered 1km from the spot they were last seen. The search is still continuing for Mr Molnar, with the fire service vowing: ‘We won’t stop until we find the third missing person.’

It was reported on Saturday that the lawyer for the family of Molnar had slammed the emergency services, saying if they had responded when the first emergency call had been put in, the trio could still be alive.

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