Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
alert-–-wildlife-sos-star-simon-cowell-dies-aged-72:-tributes-pour-in-for-one-of-britain’s-‘most-respected’-conservationists-who-‘passed-away-peacefully’-surrounded-by-his-family-after-‘brave-battle’-with-cancerAlert – Wildlife SOS star Simon Cowell dies aged 72: Tributes pour in for one of Britain’s ‘most respected’ conservationists who ‘passed away peacefully’ surrounded by his family after ‘brave battle’ with cancer

Wildlife SOS star Simon Cowell has died aged 72 after his ‘brave battle’ with cancer.

The broadcaster passed away over the weekend surrounded by his family.

In June 2022, Simon was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer which spread to several of his other organs within two years. In May of this year, his doctor told him he had just weeks to live.

Simon leaves behind his two daughters, Louisa and Gemma, his partner Stana, and his two golden retrievers, Toby and Bobby. 

A statement on behalf of the Wildlife Aid Foundation said: ‘It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of Simon Cowell MBE, conservationist, founder and CEO of the Wildlife Aid Foundation and presenter of Wildlife SOS.

‘Simon passed away peacefully on Sunday (June 9) after a brave battle with cancer, surrounded by his daughters, his partner and his dogs.

‘Simon was one of the UK’s most respected conservationists and a passionate advocate for wildlife protection and environmental causes.

‘He dedicated his life to British wildlife and worked tirelessly to ensure countless injured and orphaned animals were given a second chance in the wild through rescue, clinical treatment, and rehabilitation. 

He campaigned relentlessly to raise awareness of the plight of wildlife and the importance of all species.’

Simon formed the Wildlife Aid Foundation animal rescue and rehabilitation centre with his former wife Jill in 1983.

The rescue and rehabilitation centre were the subject of the television series Wildlife SOS on Channel 5.

Wildlife Aid launched ‘Simon’s Last Wish’ appeal when he was initially diagnosed in 2022. The charity has so far raised over £500,000 towards a new Wildlife Aid Centre.

It was Simon’s ‘dream, his ambition and focused mission to build a better world for wildlife’.

The new Wildlife Aid Centre will allow the charity to care for more animals and to educate the next generation about conservation. 

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