Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
alert-–-wild-moment-bull-leaps-fence-at-oregon-rodeo-and-charges-at-terrified-spectators,-injuring-three,-as-others-run-for-their-livesAlert – Wild moment bull leaps fence at Oregon rodeo and charges at terrified spectators, injuring three, as others run for their lives

A feisty rodeo bull hopped a fence at an Oregon arena and charged through a concession area into a parking lot, injuring at least three.

The Saturday night crowd at the 84th Sisters Rodeo was singing along with Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the U.S.A.’ as the bull – named Party Bus – ran around the arena before what was to be the final bull ride of the night.

Fan videos that have since emerged online showcase the exact moment the bull broke loose, hoping the fence and gaining a degree of temporary freedom.

Other videos showed the animal bolt through the concession area, knocking over a garbage can and sending panicked rodeo attendees scrambling.

The bull lifted one person off the ground, spun them end over end, and bounced them off its horns before the individual was flung to the ground.

The Sisters Rodeo Association, based out of Sisters, Oregon where the rodeo was  held, issued a statement saying three people were injured.

‘As a direct result of the bull, two of whom were transported to a local hospital,’ said the organization, according to a local outlet.

Cowboys and other Rodeo professionals fairly quickly secured the bull and managed to guide it back into a pen and away from the crowds.

Deschutes County sheriff’s Sergeant Joshua Spano said several ambulances were called to the scene. 

Deputies transported one patient with non-life-threatening injuries to a hospital, and a deputy also sustained minor injuries when responding to the bull’s escape.

Danielle Smithers was among the rodeo fans with her cellphone flashlight on as Party Bus was moving around the ring with two riders on horseback nearby.

‘And about 30 seconds into it I stopped and I looked at it and I thought to myself, ‘this is just too beautiful not to have a video,” she said. 

She shut off her flashlight and ‘started recording the bull, just following him, making his loop and as he started coming around his second loop in my video, he goes right over’ the fence, she added.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association said Saturday’s incident is a reminder that ‘while rodeo is a highly-entertaining sport, on very rare occasions it can also pose some risk.’

‘PRCA sends our thoughts and well wishes to those who were injured or otherwise impacted by this frightening and very rare incident,’ the association said.

The rodeo’s final performance on Sunday went ahead as planned.

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