Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
alert-–-a-very-grim-dinner!-mother-serves-up-sausage-shaped-piece-of-beef-that-leaves-son-wondering-if-he’s-being-punished…-so-have-you-had-worse?Alert – A VERY grim dinner! Mother serves up sausage-shaped piece of beef that leaves son wondering if he’s being punished… so have YOU had worse?

A mother served up a suspicious-looking sausage-shaped piece of beef for her son’s dinner that left him wondering if he was being punished.

Raigan Thompson was provided the plate of beef, Yorkshire puddings, sweetcorn, gravy and mashed potato on Sunday night but was taken aback by the meat on his plate. 

The dark brown, curved chunk of meat on his platter bore a striking resemblance to poo, leaving him wondering if his mum was punishing him for some unknown wrongdoing. 

Raigan, from the town of Alexandria in Dunbartonshire, Scotland, shared a picture of his dubious-looking dinner to social media, where it quickly gained attention.

Alongside the picture, which appears to have been taken on a black cushion on a bed, he posted the caption: ‘Really no sure what ma maws gave me for dinner the night? Surely av no been that much of a c*** this week.’

His post has been viewed more than 490,000 times, receiving 3,400 likes and more than 75 comments from users who found the beef’s unfortunate resemblance hilarious.

Raigan, whose age is unknown but appears to be a big fan of Glasgow Rangers and Mauy Thai, appeared to also see the funny side and replied to some of the comments with jokes and memes.

One user said: ‘Make your own and stop moaning, big girls blouse.’ 

Another joked: ‘She’s not even bothered picking the corn out.’ 

A third said: ‘Wee spot of HP on there and that would be cracking.’ 

Another joked: ‘Dog thinks if I eat that lovely sausage quickly and drop a quick sh**e or two on the plate will that daft p***k notice? He was stinking of the bevvy last night f**k it. Here goes.” 

A fifth wrote: ‘Your maw’s s**t your dinner onto your plate pal.’

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