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alert-–-i-was-diagnosed-with-cancer-and-now-my-husband-wants-to-leave-me-–-his-last-words-will-haunt-me-foreverAlert – I was diagnosed with cancer and now my husband wants to leave me – his last words will haunt me forever

A woman has revealed the devastating last words her husband said to her before he left – and why their 25-year marriage went up in flames after her cancer diagnosis.

Helena was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma two years ago and said that her husband was ‘wonderful’ at first and took care of the house and their pets.

The first round of treatment was ‘awful’ for Helena – she suffered from many side effects and was left with a large tumour on her chest and a hunched back.

‘I’m not sure when it started, but my husband stopped coming to bed and sleeping on the couch,’ she said on Reddit. ‘He wouldn’t go to doctors appointments unless I specifically asked him to go. He wouldn’t give me hugs or if he did they were half-hearted.’

Everything came to a head on New Year’s Eve, when her husband screamed: ‘Congratulations, your worst nightmare is going to come true. You’re going to die alone.’

A woman has revealed the devastating last words her husband said to her before he left

A woman has revealed the devastating last words her husband said to her before he left

Helena explained the lead up to their heated conversation. 

‘Before, it seemed like the more I explained I needed his love, affection, and support, the more he made a point of denying me.

‘Finally, I confronted him about it just before Christmas. But he just shut down. The more I pushed for him to talk to me the more nasty he got. He told me I was going to die alone while I begged him to tell me what was going on.

‘What was wrong? What had I done? He screamed at me that he didn’t want to be married to me anymore. That was New Year’s Eve.’

Helena’s husband left that night and has refused to speak to her.

He comes by their house to pick up his tools or anything he needs for work, but he has completely pulled away financially.

‘He stopped paying my car payment and it got repossessed. He hasn’t made the mortgage payment. Thankfully, the power is still on and he hasn’t shut off my phone. I am on disability through my former employment, but it isn’t nearly enough.

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‘We have two dogs and five cats that I have to take care of. I am not physically able to do most of the household chores, though I do the best I can. He still has not told me what the problems are in our relationship. All of this has blindsided me.’

Helena shared that while she knew her cancer was the problem, she didn’t think there was anything wrong with their relationship. 

‘Up until he left he would call and chat multiple times a day, still told me he loved me. But almost subversively punishing me too.’

Helena revealed that she’s been a ‘crying mess’ for months and doesn’t know how to move forward. 

‘How does someone who has loved you for over half our lives suddenly become so vicious and uncaring? He was a sweet, affectionate, protective husband until he wasn’t. I can’t wrap my mind around it. How does he justify it in his mind?’

Helena was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma two years ago [stock image]

Helena was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma two years ago [stock image]

Many were appalled by the husband’s behaviour.

‘This is my nightmare. To be abandoned by the person you love the most in your greatest time of need,’ one said.

But some shared similar horror stories. 

‘I was diagnosed with a serious disease after being with my wife for 14 years. A switch flipped in my wife and she became nasty and resentful, saying she’d have never married me if she knew this would happen.

‘She told me she wished it was her because she’d rather die than waste the rest of her life with me,’ a man said.

Another wrote, ‘I didn’t realise how unusual it was for my dad to continue being a loving husband after my mum went from the primary breadwinner to permanently disabled. For most men, marriage vows seem to mean “for better until you can longer serve me”.’

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