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alert-–-aussie-mum’s-horror-as-one-of-the-world’s-deadliest-snakes-is-found-inside-a-little-girl’s-bedroomAlert – Aussie mum’s horror as one of the world’s deadliest snakes is found inside a little girl’s bedroom

An Queensland mum was horrified when she discovered a four-foot-long brown snake in her daughter’s bedroom last week. 

The unwanted reptile had slithered into a family home in Moodlu, about an hour north of Brisbane.

‘Griffo’ from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 was called out to the house after the owner found the big, adult eastern brown snake on the dresser. 

An Aussie mum found a four-foot-long eastern brown snake in her daughter's bedroom last week

An Aussie mum found a four-foot-long eastern brown snake in her daughter’s bedroom last week

A photo and video were shared on social media, showing the snake sitting next to a porcelain budgie, causing speculation that the bird may have lured it inside.  

‘I think the snake may have thought it was dinner,’ one person wrote. 

‘He thought he was having chicken and budgie for tea,’ another said in the comments. 

However, snake catcher Stuart McKenzie debunked the theory, saying it was a ‘complete coincidence’. 

‘Where we reckon where the snake’s come in is actually the other end of the house,’ he told Daily Mail . 

‘It’s probably come through the whole house trying to look for a way out and just happened to end up in the room and end up on the dresser where there was a statue of a bird.

‘They cruise around they’re trying to get out but they often just themselves lost or into a room which is completely isolated.’ 

Mr McKenzie told Aussies to protect their children and pets.

‘The main way they come in is through open windows, open doors and garage doors,’  he said.

‘If you want a nice breeze coming through your house on hot days then install some fly screens that are secure with no gaps.’ 

What is an eastern brown snake? 

The eastern brown snake is one of ’s most venomous snakes. They range in colour and can be different shades of brown. They are reptiles and average one-and-a-half metres in length.

Source:  National Geographic

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