Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
alert-–-a-fright-on-the-tiles!-halloween-revellers-hit-city-centres-in-terrifying-fancy-dress-for-nights-out-ahead-of-spookiest-time-of-the-yearAlert – A fright on the tiles! Halloween revellers hit city centres in terrifying fancy dress for nights out ahead of spookiest time of the year

Halloween enthusiasts took to the streets in a range of weird and wonderful fancy dress last night as the weekend of celebrating all things spooky got underway across the UK. 

Most major cities had a host of fancy dress Halloween parties and club nights yesterday, with thousands packing into one venue for a costume extravaganza. 

The clubbers took to the streets of Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle dressed up as devils, naughty police officers and other creepy outfits. 

The majority of venues up and down the country remained calm, although scenes became increasingly more chaotic as the night wore on in a number of places as people continued to consume drinks at an impressive rate.

Several partygoers looked worse-for-wear as they rested on pavements and steps after a long night out with friends, some enjoyed a well earned takeaway before getting a taxi home. 

Most were however in joyful spirits despite temperatures dropping into single figures with some wearing very revealing outfits.

Two lads dressed up as the Joker and an dead king in Newcastle 

These three ladies decided to go off the cuff with their fancy dress choice and went out as cows 

A group of girls enjoying themselves on their walk to a Halloween night out in Leeds 

Some pulled out out all the stops to pull off their scary look for Halloween this year 

A man dressed up as a Michael Myers from the 1979 Halloween film with a wizard and cowgirl in the background 

A girl dressed as a fairy is helped by her mate on the way to the Leeds city centre 

Partygoers in a range of different outfits head into the night to celebrate Halloween 

Halloween enthusiasts took to the streets in a range of weird and wonderful fancy dress last night

A msn with a striking red wig is joined by his friend dressed as a death and a woman in pirate costume 

A woman dressed as a pumpkin impressively manages to pull of the splits 

A group of girls donned blood-splattered clothing and make-up for their Halloween night out 

A man with a blood-stained t-shirt and axe with his mate wearing a hatchet-in-the-head headband

People dressed as Wally, the Pope, a dead solider and a gothic character 

This man went above and beyond to go as a dressed as a lifeguard being eaten by a shark  

Some revellers had one too many drinks whilst celebrating Halloween in Leeds and needed some assistance  

Two lads dressed as characters from Peaky Blinders take a moment to reflect after a heavy night out in Birmingham 

Pals dressed as Robin, Batman, a cowgirl, a princess and a Squid Game security guard 

Some partygoers enjoyed a well earned takeaway before getting a taxi home in Birmingham 

Girls dressed as an angels, both light and dark, and the Joker from the Batman 

Two friends went out in Newcastle dressed as Steve Irwin and a nun  

A group of lads all dressed in Toa whilst out and about enjoying the Halloween weekend 

Two girls covered in blood-splattered make-up enjoy their Halloween night out in Newcastle 

A man dressed as Ali G poses with girls dressed as sailors and Chucky for their Halloween night out 

The clubbers took to the street  dressed up in a number of creepy outfits.

Two girls dressed as cowgirls braved the cold weather to enjoy a Halloween night out 

Two girls dressed as barmaids were not put off by the rain as they headed out in Newcastle 

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