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alert-–-‘this-is-what-i’ve-turned-to’:-onlyfans-model-pictured-in-latest-hate-poster-campaign-against-kate-middleton’s-family-makes-bizarre-claim-that-she-orchestrated-stunt-because-collapse-of-party-pieces-is-to-blame-for-her-ending-up-on-adult-websiteAlert – ‘This is what I’ve turned to’: OnlyFans model pictured in latest hate poster campaign against Kate Middleton’s family makes bizarre claim that she orchestrated stunt because collapse of Party Pieces is to blame for her ending up on adult website

An OnlyFans model says she orchestrated a cruel poster campaign against the Princess of Wales’s parents after claiming she was let go by a company that was left out of pocket when their family firm went bust. 

The outrageous signs have been put up around Carole and Michael Middleton’s home village of Bucklebury in Berkshire, following a night-time poster campaign against the couple a fortnight ago. 

Their company, Party Pieces, folded in the summer owing £2.6million in debts, leaving creditors and suppliers nursing losses. 

The model featured in the latest posters, Molly, 23, claims she lost her job at her company as a result – although she refused to name it. She bizarrely claimed the Middletons were to blame for her ending up sharing naked photos on OnlyFans and denied the poster campaign was a publicity stunt. 

Molly told The Sun: ‘The point needs to be made that if you don’t pay your creditors, it doesn’t just affect one person, it affects all employees of the company. Hence why I say I was made redundant because of this.

The posters showed Molly in a pink bra with a note reading ‘This is what I’ve turned to! The company I used to work at has now let me go’

The Princess of Wales with her mother, Carole Middleton

‘It’s not part of a promo, but as you can see by the photo, it would be a great publicity stunt for me. Don’t you think I deserve something back after being made redundant? I think I do.’

Asked whether the Middletons were being unfairly ­targeted, she said: ‘Do you think being unfairly treated is not paying millions owed or being made ­redundant? I think I was the one that was wronged, and others.’

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The posters showed Molly in a pink bra with a note reading ‘This is what I’ve turned to! The company I used to work at has now let me go. This is because Party Pieces Holdings have not paid their creditors!’ 

The posters were put up around a local farm owned by the Middletons and on surrounding trees. Most were quickly removed by villagers who are supportive of the family, but at least one was still visible yesterday afternoon. 

Villagers said the new banners were aimed at stirring up local hatred against the Middletons – but the family had received only support.

Sharon, Fry, 49, a mother of four who lives in the village, said: ‘The Middletons are a very decent family. This is their home. And they shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of rubbish.

‘My daughter works at the farm, and I know that the staff have been taking them down when they have seen them. I have seen William and Kate here.

‘In fact… I nearly once ran William over when he was riding his bike along here. He just smiled at me.

‘The Middletons are very nice people and they run the farm really well. It has a place for kids to play and is looking really good this Halloween.’

Michael and Carole Middleton have lived in the village of Bucklebury in Berkshire for several decades

As well as the Princess of Wales’s parents, her younger sister, Pippa, has also set up home in the village with her husband, hedge fund tycoon James Matthews, and their three children.

Kate’s brother, James, and his French wife Alizee Thevenet have moved into a £1.45million, 17th-century farmhouse in neighbouring Stanford Dingley.

Another resident, Sue Rixon, who was with her family at the Middleton’s Bucklebury Farm, said: ‘We shouldn’t be seeing these posters.

‘They are very rude and completely out of keeping with this area. This is a quiet, idyllic place.

‘Whoever did this has placed them right outside the farm gate where children can see them. As it’s half-term there are a lot of children about. This is not very good. I hope anybody who sees them takes them down.’

Another resident who had ripped down posters said: ‘I am extremely concerned. I was on my morning walk with my dog around the village, and yet again we have been targeted with some form of campaign against the Middleton family.

‘This is now the second time in two weeks we have had attention brought to our doorsteps. We are a sleepy village – this is really disrupting the village life and I for one, and other residents, are becoming frustrated.

‘I have torn down over ten posters and I am sure there are more. I am also very outraged at the promotion of this website.’

Resident Sue Rixon, who was with her family at the Middleton’s Bucklebury Farm, was among those criticising the posters 

Carole Middleton in a 1989 publicity shot for Party Pieces, along with her children Kate, Pippa and James

Party Pieces was sold by Kate’s mother Carole, 68, and father Michael, 74, shortly before it went bust in June. 

Creditors have been calling on the couple to pay the outstanding sums out of their own pockets. 

The firm was started by the Middletons in 1987, selling decorations and party paraphernalia for children’s events from catalogues. 

Its business model was transformed by the Internet revolution of the 1990s, which allowed the Party Pieces website to begin selling products to customers at home and abroad.

The company’s soaring profits are said to have helped the couple put their three children through the prestigious Marlborough College, where fees are £42,000 per year, as well as paying for their £5million seven-bedroom Georgian manor house in Bucklebury.

But the firm was badly hit by the pandemic, when children’s parties had to be cancelled, and then the cost-of-living crisis caused the business to slump further.

In June, after 36 years in business, Party Pieces went under, just a fortnight after it had emerged that the company had been sold to a Scottish businessman named James Sinclair, having gone into administration.

Former British Airways stewardess Carole was said by a friend at the time to be ‘desperately sad’ at the company’s fate.

Other friends said that she was trying to make sure creditors were paid.

However, suppliers have since criticised the couple, claiming invoices were left unpaid before the firm went bust.

The previous poster campaign: Dozens of A4 laminated posters were stapled to trees, church noticeboards and lampposts a fortnight ago 

An administrator’s report revealed creditors were unlikely to be repaid.

Positioned to attract maximum attention, the first batch of posters, put up overnight, appeared close to shops, churches, the entrance to a village cricket ground and right outside Yattendon village hall where, every Wednesday evening, locals queue for freshly-cooked fish and chips from the visiting Go Fish mobile van. 

Outraged residents – who, for the most part, are protective of their neighbours – have not seen the individual responsible, and have certainly been doing their best to rip down the offending posters as fast as they appear. 

They have been joined by a furious James Middleton who, has learnt, dashed into Yattendon Village Stores and Post Office earlier this month after one was seen stuck to the sycamore tree outside.

‘He was not happy and wanted to know if we had seen any more. He wanted them taken down,’ says 57-year-old Teri Muggeridge, assistant manager at the store, six miles from Bucklebury and three miles from James’s Stanford Dingley home.

has contacted Party Pieces for comment.  

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