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alert-–-moment-top-hamas-spokesman-storms-out-of-bbc-interview-after-being-asked-how-terror-group-justified-killing-israeli-families-‘as-they-slept’Alert – Moment top Hamas spokesman storms out of BBC interview after being asked how terror group justified killing Israeli families ‘as they slept’

This is the moment a top Hamas spokesman stormed out of a BBC interview after being asked how the terrorists justified the killing of Israeli families as they slept in their beds. 

The deputy foreign minister for Hamas in Gaza, Ghazi Hamad, was being grilled by the BBC’s Middle East correspondent Hugo Bachega about the barbaric murders of up to 1,500 Israelis. 

In the sit-down interview, Mr Hamad suggested there was no command to kill any civilians when Hamas invaded Israel on October 7 which saw the terrorists paraglide into the desert, surround the Nova Festival and slaughter 260 festivalgoers as they fled for their lives. 

Footage has since emerged of the massacre of Be’eri Kibbutz where people were slaughtered in their beds. Images shown to by the Israel Embassy in London, which are too graphic to publish, show the blood-splattered rooms. 

Inside the bedroom of one home, three dead bodies were left to rot by Hamas fighters, who killed at least 100 people in the community. A woman lies face down in a pool of her own blood. Her blonde hair is blood stained and the wall behind her has at least six bullet holes.

In a sit-down interview, Mr Hamad suggested there was no command for Hamas to kill any civilians when they invaded Israel on October 7

While harrowing photos showed the aftermath of a bloodbath caused when Hamas barbarians opened fire at a pre-school – leaving teddy bears riddled with bullets and killing an unknown number of innocents. 

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But Mr Hamad incredulously suggested ‘because the area was very wide’ there ‘were clashes and confrontations’. 

Mr Bachega said it was not a confrontation when they invaded people’s homes to which he replied: ‘I can tell you we didn’t have any intention or decision to kill the civilians.’

He was then asked how he can justify killing people as they slept. Mr Hamad then looks to the side and pulls off his microphone attached to his dark-coloured suit jacket and declares: ‘I want to stop this interview.’ 

He then chucks the microphone onto the floor.   

Up to 1,500 Israelis have been killed at the hands of Hamas with at least 200 taken hostage back to Gaza. 

Some of the most harrowing images and footage to have emerged since the barbaric attacks was when Hamas streamed into Israel and surrounded the Nova music festival where thousands of innocent partygoers had danced the night away. 

Yesterday, Dor Kapah told of how he heroically escaped the festival as he piloted a getaway vehicle filled with terrified civilians from a fleet of rifle-wielding terrorists chasing them down on motorbikes. 

But he appeared agitated when BBC Middle East correspondent Hugo Bachega asked him to justify killing families as they slept in their beds

Without responding to the question he declares he wants to end the interview before taking off his microphone and chucking it on the floor

At least 100 people were killed by Hamas terrorists in the early hours 

Everything was amazing until 6am… then we saw the trails of missiles streaking into the air,’ Dor said.

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‘The music stopped, everybody panicked. People started running, lying on the floor… it was complete chaos. We started hearing gunshots in the distance… then we saw them coming – 400 metres. 300 metres.’

Dor and his friends began packing up their belongings and readying their jeep to flee the festival ground. But then he received a call from a friend in a nearby kibbutz that plunged the group into a catch-22.

‘Don’t leave the festival,’ the friend said. ‘The streets are full of terrorists.’

It was at that moment Dor truly realised the horror of his predicament – damned if you stay, damned if you go, with gunmen lying in wait at every turn.

But with terrorists wielding AK-47s bearing down on him, Dor and his pals were left with no choice but to pile into their jeep and take off.

While in Be’eri Kibbutz people were massacred in their beds with Israel releasing images of tiny babies being murdered and burned. 

The more than 100 bodies found at the kibbutz were removed by the Zaka search and rescue group.

Scenes from kibbutz Be’eri, where Dor was forced to hide for six hours from Hamas terrorists

A home destroyed during the attack by Hamas is seen within Kibbutz Be’eri on October 14, 2023 in Be’eri, Israel

Rubble is seen all across the floor with holes in the wall and the ceiling starting to collapse at a burnt out nursery in Be’eri

An Israeli soldier in the destroyed Jewish home in the community of Kibbutz Be’eri along the border with the Gaza Strip

Most of the photos passed to by the Israeli Embassy in London were too graphic to publish

Speaking earlier this month, one survivor, Haim Jelin, told local media that Hamas fighters ‘walked around Be’eri like they owned the place’.

‘They shot indiscriminately, abducted whoever they could, burned down people’s homes so they’d have to escape through the window, where the terrorists would wait,’ he added.

A woman called Miri Gad Mesika told local media that she and her husband were choking on thick smoke and gas fumes as they tried to hide.

‘We soaked towels with water and covered our faces, while my husband Eli held the shelter door closed as hard as he could as the terrorists tried to break in,’ she said.

‘Moments before we jumped from the second floor, we assessed the situation of the fire and looked out for the terrorists and decided to jump.

‘We fled to our neighbours across the street, and watched our house go up in flames before it was completely burned down. I have no idea how we survived.’

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