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alert-–-ioan-gruffudd’s-ex-wife-alice-evans-vows-to-‘tell-my-truth’-in-instagram-post-amid-bitter-legal-battle-with-actor-over-their-daughtersAlert – Ioan Gruffudd’s ex-wife Alice Evans vows to ‘tell my truth’ in Instagram post amid bitter legal battle with actor over their daughters

Ioan Gruffudd’s ex-wife Alice Evans today vowed to ‘tell her truth’ amid a bitter court battle with the actor over their daughters.

The warring Hollywood stars are locked in an acrimonious battle for custody over their young children Ella and Elsie after Gruffudd left his then-wife Evans in 2021 following a 14-year marriage.

In August, a Los Angeles judge granted the Fantastic Four actor’s request for the appointment of a child psychiatrist to referee the increasingly bitter battles over the two girls, aged 13 and nine.

102 Dalmatians star Evans had vehemently opposed the move, claiming that it was unnecessary and that Gruffudd had not seen or called his daughters in almost three months.

Now, in an Instagram post today which shows Elsie playing in a swimming pool, Evans vowed to ‘tell her truth’.

She wrote: ‘Posting this moment of joy (which I share with my kids every single day) because I am about to tell my truth about the harassment I have been on the receiving end of for two years now. I cannot sit here and be maligned and lied about on a permanent basis’.

The couple divorced earlier this year, but the issues of spousal and child support as well as child custody still need to be resolved. 

Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd pictured in 2001 during happier times

Evans posted on Instagram saying she is about to ‘tell her truth’

The actress uploaded an Instagram video showing one of her daughters playing with a lilo

Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd won a court victory in August against his ex-wife Alice Evans in their bitter tug of war about custody of their two young daughters 

It comes a few months after the judge’s ruling, which came after Gruffudd filed a new 34-page written document – found by – in which he blasted Evans, accusing her of calling daughter Ella a ‘f***ing b****’ and telling the teen she ‘would be getting a new father soon.’ 

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Evans has denied all of her ex’s ‘abuse’ allegations. 

In a declaration to the court, Gruffudd called Evans’ latest statements opposing the evaluator and criticising her ex ‘false or grossly misleading’.

He said: ‘Circumstances with our daughters Ella and Elsie, and my relationship with them are not as Alice describes.

‘Alice has stated in her own words in multiple postings on social media that I have been trying to get at least 50/50 custody of Ella and Elsie and that she does not want this and/or is actively working to preventing it.

‘I believe it is imperative that a specific evaluator be appointed at the hearing on August 17 in order to avoid further and potentially significant delays in getting this important process started.’

Gruffudd pointed out that although ‘Alice argues that no child custody evaluation is necessary,’ the girls’ court-appointed attorney and their most recent therapist both support appointing an evaluator.

And he added the therapist wrote ‘I feel that it would be in the best interest of your daughters for Elsie to continue psychotherapy with me and Ella to be evaluated by a child psychiatrist.’

Gruffudd expressed concern that Evans has taken Elsie out of a school she’d been in since kindergarten and placed her in a new school, defying a court order saying she couldn’t change the kids’ schools without his agreement. ‘I did not agree,’ he said.

Talking again about the ‘serious emotional harm’ he believes Evans is inflicting on their daughters, Gruffudd went on, ‘Alice regularly berated, verbally abused and threatened me during our marriage and after separation, often in the presence of Ella and/or Elsie.

Alice Evans with their two daughters, Ella and Elsie, who she says she shares joyful moments with every day 

Gruffudd has been dating Bianca Wallace since his separation from Evans in 2021

‘Among other things, Alice told me she had been miserable for years and wanted a divorce, attacked my appearance and my career, threatened to call the police on me and told Ella she would be getting a new father soon…..

‘I believe it was unhealthy and distressing to the girls to witness this behavior and I believe Alice’s conduct was abusive not only to me, but to the girls as well.’

Gruffudd – now with 31 year-old girlfriend Bianca Wallace – recounted an incident on Ella’s 11th birthday when ‘Elsie sent me a video of Ella arguing with Alice. Ella said she was upset because Alice had broken her promise not to drink alcohol and she begged Alice to stop bringing me up in every conversation.

‘Alice screamed at Ella and called her a ‘f***ing b***h’ and Ella screamed at Alice, ‘Just be a mother!’

He added, ‘(Alice) has made thousands of disparaging, abusive and threatening posts about me since we separated.’

Evans has denied all of her ex’s ‘abuse’ allegations and has not responded – so far – to Judge Freeman Stinn’s new ruling against her.

Gruffudd – who met Evans when they co-starred in the 2000 Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians – filed for divorce in March 2021, shortly after the blonde-haired actress claimed on social media that her husband of 14 years was walking out on her and their two daughters.

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