Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
alert-–-jewish-students-take-refuge-in-library-and-lock-themselves-in-while-pro-palestinian-demonstrators-pound-on-the-door-to-gain-entry-at-nyc’s-liberal-cooper-union-collegeAlert – Jewish students take refuge in library and lock themselves in while pro-Palestinian demonstrators POUND on the door to gain entry at NYC’s liberal Cooper Union college

A group of Jewish students were forced to flee a braying mob of pro-Palestine activists inside a New York City college on Wednesday, locking themselves in a library while the crowd hammered on the door.

Ugly scenes unfolded at Cooper Union, a liberal college near Astor Place in Manhattan, on Wednesday afternoon.

A crowd chanting ‘Free, free Palestine’ were initially held in the lobby of the building.

But they barged past a security guard, who yelled, hopelessly: ‘No!’

They then stormed up the stairs and hammered on the door of the library, where the Jewish students were huddled. They were later freed.

No one was injured, and the protest has been dispersed, The Messenger reported. 

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