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alert-–-exclusive:-kevin-costner’s-ex-wife-christine-baumgartner-tells-friends-how-she-really-feels-about-being-‘friends-with-benefits’-after-contentious-divorceAlert – EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Costner’s ex-wife Christine Baumgartner tells friends how she REALLY feels about being ‘friends with benefits’ after contentious divorce

As Christine Baumgartner faces the holidays without Kevin Costner, rumor has floated that there could be a coming together of the once passionate pair.

But she is putting to rest any talk that she and ex-husband are on good terms after settling their contentious divorce. 

A close friend of Baumgartner tells, ‘Christine said there is not a blip of truth about she and Kevin toying with the idea of being friends with benefits. First off, they barely speak to each other and secondly, she’s moved on.’

She did say the holidays will be a bit challenging, especially Thanksgiving because it was such a big to do with the family, but she’s staying strong and moving forward.

As Christine Baumgartner faces the holidays without Kevin Costner, rumors abound that ice is melting between the once passionate pair

Baumgartner has moved on after her bitter divorce from Kevin Costner and she has pooh-pooh’d the suggestion that they could become ‘friends with benefits’ after couple were embroiled in a months-long legal war that ended last month 

But Christine is adamant there won’t be a reconciliation any time soon, with the source saying, ‘There is still a lot of hurt on both sides and she’s still disappointed that Kevin and his legal team painted such a horrible and untruthful picture of her.’

The scuttlebutt that her relationship with Costner was thawing came after Radar Online reported that the exes were back on speaking terms after finalizing their divorce last month and that Christine hoped to use the friendship as a way to get more money out of the actor. 

The 68-year-old actor and his 49-year-old wife of 19 years had been embroiled in a months-long legal war which met a surprise end in September.

It was said that Kevin was blindsided when Christine filed for divorce in May.  

‘Christine said she’s relieved to have her own space and knows in her heart that she made the right decision. Of course, she hopes to one day have some sort of relationship with Kevin, but it’s going to take time,’ the friend said. 

‘Christine said focusing on her kids and creating a new home has been really therapeutic and she could see herself pursuing a career in interior decorating. 

‘Her friends have always asked her for tips and it makes her happy. It’s always been a passion.’

But the source did reveal that Christine said the holidays will be ‘challenging’ for her this year without Kevin, especially Thanksgiving because ‘it was such a big to do with the family, but she’s staying strong and moving forward.’ 

A joint statement from Costner and Baumgartner provided to at the time of the settlement read: ‘Kevin and Christine Costner have come to an amicable and mutually agreed upon resolution of all issues pertaining to their divorce proceedings.’ 

The couple are seen with their sons Cayden, 15; Hayes, 14; and daughter Grace, 13, in 2019 

Kevin and Christine, a model and handbag designer, began dating in 1998 and married at his Aspen ranch in 2004

The settlement is likely to be similar to the one previously offered by Kevin in a letter sent on June 30 which would have paid her $75,000-a-month in child support.

The mom-of-three rejected that after enjoying a temporary monthly payment of $129,000 and had wanted it bumped to $161,000.

Instead, after a two-day hearing in September in which both Kevin and Christine took the stand to testify, a judge ordered Kevin to pay $63,000-a-month for their three children.

According to the terms of the settlement, if Christine challenges the judgment ‘she would have to repay Kevin more than $1million and pay his attorney’s fees for the prenup fight.’ 

Upon hearing this, she ‘agreed to the terms of a 3-page settlement letter.’ 

Although the prenup is enforceable, Christine got more than what was prescribed in the agreement.

Christine had vowed to fight it out in court with a trial due to take place in December, which will no longer happened. 

In July Baumgartner was court-ordered to vacate the former couple’s $145million lavish California mansion previously revealed that Baumgartner, 49, moved into the luxury four-bedroom home – after a judge in Santa Barbara, California, slashed her child support payments

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner’s bitter divorce was settled with the prenup enforced and a massive monetary penalty if it is challenged

Kevin and Christine, a model and handbag designer, began dating in 1998 and married at his Aspen ranch in 2004.

The pair have three children, Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13. 

In July, Christine was kicked out of the couple’s $145million mansion and moving vans were seen outside. 

In her testimony on day one, Christine said she needed more cash to provide a suitable home for their three children.

She said her $40,000-a-month Montecito rental did not compare to the family mansion and complained her sons would have to share a bathroom.

During his testimony, Kevin apologized to his estranged wife, saying: ‘I want to help but the thought of having things inflated to the point I can’t do what I want to do… Somehow in this unusual world, we didn’t make it and for that, I’m sorry.’

The court also heard details of the family’s lavish spending – which totaled $240,000-a-month in 2022.

Expenses included $40,000 spent each month on flowers and gifts alone, although Kevin’s forensic accountant Tracy Katz pointed out the figure is for the entire family, including Christine.

Katz said Christine was responsible for a host of big-ticket items, including $18,000-a-month on medical bills, $18,855 on clothing and $3,377 on beauty treatments. 

On top of that, Christine was responsible for the lion’s share of the $8,886 in cash taken out at ATM machines, according to Katz.

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