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alert-–-tara-reid,-47,-looks-unrecognizable-in-glossy-new-shoot-–-as-she-shuts-down-rumors-of-anorexia-and-bulimia:-‘i-love-food-too-much’Alert – Tara Reid, 47, looks UNRECOGNIZABLE in glossy new shoot – as she shuts down rumors of anorexia and bulimia: ‘I love food too much’

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Tara Reid is shutting down rumors and speculation that she has an eating disorder, in a brand new magazine interview. 

The rumors have dogged the 47-year-old American Pie actress for years and she is now setting the record straight in a frank discussion with the Los Angeles Inquisitor. 

‘I have no anorexia and never have,’  she told reporter Derek Warburton. 

‘And I definitely don’t have any bulimia. I’m terrified of throwing up, so that’s not gonna happen. And I love food too much.’

The Josie and the Pussycat star however looked almost unrecognizable for the accompanying photoshoot for the interview. 

Tara was heavily made up and styled to the nines for the shoot, and stressed in the the interview that she’s fed up with people talking about her weight.  

Speaking out: Tara Reid addresses ‘bullying’ in a new cover interview with the magazine Los Angeles Inquisitor 

Setting the record straight: Tara Reid is tired of the constant speculation that she has an eating disorder (Pic: 2016)

The naturally thin actress said: ‘So anyone that says I’m anorexic or bulimic, they’re wrong. So stop it. Leave me alone. Pick on me again on something else, but not on those two things. It’s not right.’

The American Pie star also said the persistent speculation about her weight is a form of bullying that led her to a dark place.

That is part of the reason she decided to take part in Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.

The Sharknado actress joined the cast of the military training competition to ‘get over certain issues that she has deep inside.’

‘I thought if I could do this, try this, maybe I can get over some of the things that I have, like, the darkness inside of me,’ she shared. ‘And a lot of it’s about bullying.’

Unrecognizable: The American Pie star appeared heavily made up for her latest photoshoot

Stylish: The photospread featured Tara striking a number of sultry poses 

Wild thing! Tara wore a leopard print jacket and shades in another cool shot 

And while she was the first competitor to exit the show, she has no regrets.

‘I’m so glad I did it because it really did help me. It made me learn my strength, my mental strength, my inner strength – not necessarily my physical strength,’ she said.

‘But I learned a lot about myself, and I came back feeling like a better person.’

And Tara was surprised by the overwhelming positive support she received from fans in DMs that told her she did a great job and they were proud of her. 

Naturally thin: The rumors have dogged the Josie and the Pussycat star, 47, for years and she has set the record straight in an interview with the Los Angeles Inquisitor (Pic: 2018)

The naturally thin actress added: ‘So anyone that says I’m anorexic or bulimic, they’re wrong. So stop it. Leave me alone. Pick on me again on something else, but not on those two things. It’s not right’ (Pic: 2022)

Back in the day: Tara (pictured above in 2003) has always been naturally slim 

Heyday: Tara’s career in Hollywood got off to a promising start in the late nineties

‘And I would read them out loud with Nate, my boyfriend, and we were crying at moments because it felt so good because I never felt that support.’

Tara also took the time to address the fans who reached out to he and lifted her spirits.

‘Thank you for making me feel good again. Because you can’t write back everyone – it’s too hard – but I wanted to make a statement. Thank you to everyone that supported me and made me feel better and really made me want to be a better person.

‘I appreciated every single comment that every single fan said, and I just want to say thank you to all of them.’

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