Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
alert-–-new-father-with-twins-blasts-sydney-council-over-‘unhygienic’-change-to-bin-collection-in-the-inner-westAlert – New father with twins blasts Sydney council over ‘unhygienic’ change to bin collection in the inner west

A new father of twins is fuming after his local council changed its garbage pickup schedule, leaving him with mountains of diapers.

Peter Wynne, a resident of Sydney’s inner west, said that his council did not even consult residents before changing the garbage pickup from weekly to fortnightly.

Inner West Council made the change three weeks ago and has acknowledged that nappies are an issue for people living with the new system. 

Mr Wynne claimed he heard through news reports about the change rather than the council itself and that it has been unhelpful in resolving the ‘unhygienic’ issue. 

Locals have been told by the council to use organic waste bins more efficiently to reduce the amount of overflow in their general waste bins. 

Sydney’s Inner West council has changed their general waste garbage collection from weekly to fortnightly which has left mountains of garbage in bins across the district

Mr Wynne said that he is not the only person left infuriated by the change.

‘All residents are frustrated with this rushed change with no consultation and no information,’ Mr Wynne told Yahoo. 

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Residents of an inner west Sydney have raged against the local council’s decision to collect red general waste bins on a fortnightly schedule.


‘We have twin babies so what are we to do with all the dirty nappies? Leave them in the bin for two weeks? I don’t think so. I think [the council] should have a red bin full of dirty nappies for two weeks and see if they like it.’

Other residents from the area have voiced similar frustrations online and Mr Wynne said that some are considering taking their ‘festering’ bins to council headquarters.

Local councillor for Leichhardt, Marghanita da Cruz, said the idea of the collection change is to increase the amount of organic waste being put in the right bin. 

Green waste bins are still being picked up weekly in the area because the decomposition of the waste is likely to cause a smell. 

Ms da Cruz acknowledged that nappies and other ‘rotting, unsanitary’ things were an issue that councillors were trying to resolve. 

She has encouraged any Inner West residents to contact the council if they find themselves with overflowing bins. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Sydney’s Inner West Council for comment.  

Local resident and new father of twins Peter Wynne has said that the change is ‘unhygienic’ and has left him with ‘festering’ bins full of used diapers 

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