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alert-–-crazy-moment-motorcyclist-zips-between-semi-trucks-and-cars-on-a-busy-freeway-–-before-crashing-and-suffering-more-than-20-fractures:-‘thankfully-i-made-it-out-alive-and-didn’t-lose-any-limbs’Alert – Crazy moment motorcyclist zips between semi-trucks and cars on a busy freeway – before crashing and suffering more than 20 fractures: ‘Thankfully I made it out alive and didn’t lose any limbs’

A Florida biker says he has ‘learned his lesson’ after posting heart-stopping footage of the 140mph crash that nearly killed him.

The motorcyclist who calls himself ‘Street Demon PC’ won a fanatical online following with tailcam videos of his highly illegal speeding through traffic-choked roads at speeds in excess of 100mph.

His audience feared the worst after he went silent for months before he told them he had only just recovered enough to post film of the crash that cost him more than 20 broken bones.

‘I’ll be back to ride again one day, but not like I used to,’ the 27-year-old told them.

‘Riding like I did was fun as hell, but I want to have fun for a long time.’

The biker only just escaped with his life after this narrow pass between a car and a truck

A split-second later his luck runs out as he slams into the back of a pick-up at 140mph, leaving him pole-axed and seemingly unconscious over the handlebars of his Honda 

The video begins with the biker leaving a slip road to join what appears to be Interstate-95 outside Daytona Beach.

He accelerates to nearly three times the speed of other vehicles on the busy road as the wind buffets his powerful Honda CBR600RR.

He passes within inches of other vehicles and at one point glances back to check that his camera has not been blown off by the hurricane-force wind speeds before accelerating further.

But four minutes into his ultra-high speed jaunt the traffic suddenly becomes ominously heavier.

Trying to switch lanes through a narrow gap in the traffic he slams into the back of a black pick-up truck, knocking it out of its lane and leaving him poleaxed and seemingly unconscious on the handlebars of his bike.

As his bike continues riding under its own momentum an 18-wheeler he had passed seconds earlier brushes past him, clipping his leg and sending him spinning onto the tarmac before coming to rest in a ditch with blades of grass around his now still camera.

‘I call it an accident, but it was clearly my fault,’ he admitted on YouTube.

‘Too much confidence for too little skill.

With the biker sprawled over his handlebars a truck plows into him from the left 

His leg is caught by the passing truck nearly dragging him to his death under its 18 wheels 

The truck then crunches over what remains of his bike sending him and it spinning into a ditch

‘The truck I crashed into hit the brakes and was moving into the middle lane.

‘I was being risky as usual and got too close to the truck and he closed the distance between us.

‘I panicked and it was too late.’

‘Thankfully made it out alive, and didn’t lose any limbs.

‘Twenty plus fractures in my face, broke arm in half in two different places, collapsed lung, broken rib, two fractured spine discs.’

The bearded biker from Panama City has had thousands of views for his online videos, including one in which he boasts of covering 18 miles in seven minutes, in the dark.

But he has won a new and more hostile audience after posting footage of the crash that nearly killed him.

‘That’s not too much confidence for too little skill, that was just reckless driving,’ wrote catman64k.

‘No matter how good you can drive, if you just speed without any safety gaps in any direction an accident was about to happen.’

‘The other road users were pure luck to survive your behavior that day,’ wrote Valentin Winkelmann.

‘Think about what it means when the police stand in front of your door and tell you that your wife, your children, your parents or siblings died in a traffic accident.’

‘Clearly you’ve learned nothing. No regard for the safety of yourself or others,’ wrote Doug Wilkerson.

‘Dude is just selfish to the bone,’ added Kronos8242.

But the biker has insisted that he has now put his lethal antics behind him. 

‘I completely understand the hate I was receiving, ‘ he wrote.

‘Putting my life on the line, being as reckless as I was, wasn’t even the issue. I put random innocent lives on the line.

‘If you’re a rider please take this video as a sign and a warning.

‘We all love to go fast but do it at the right time and place.

‘Don’t let the adrenaline take over your judgement, and try your best to slow down and enjoy the ride once in a while.

‘We love what we do and if you want to keep doing it just keep in mind not everyone gets a second chance.

‘Ride safe brothers and sisters.’

The bearded biker has insisted that he has learned his lesson after his near-death crash

‘I completely understand the hate I was receiving, ‘ he wrote

‘Ride safe brothers and sisters.’

‘I will be posting in the future,’ he told followers.

‘I’m planning on making some new type of content that is less dangerous still motorcycle content, just not like I used to.

‘I absolutely learned my lesson.’

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