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alert-–-brazilian-youtuber-and-former-child-actor-guillermo-hundadze,-25,-shot-by-cop-during-road-rage-spatAlert – Brazilian YouTuber and former child actor Guillermo Hundadze, 25, shot by cop during road rage spat

Brazilian YouTuber and former child actor Guillermo Hundadze was shot by a cop during a road rage incident.

Hundadze, 25, and the 27-year-old Military Police officer got into a heated argument after one of them tried to overtake the other on a street in São Paulo on Monday.

The São Paulo Public Security Secretariat said that he stepped out of his car with his gun showing on his waist before the law enforcement agent reacted.

Brazilian YouTube Guillermo Hundadze was shot by a  police officer during a road rage incident Monday in São Paulo, Brazil. The 25-year-old, a former child actor, underwent surgery and is in serious condition, his family said in a statement Tuesday

As a child, Guillermo Hundadze appeared in multiple soap operas on TV Globo, including in The Little Emperor’s Christmas 

Authorities said Guillermo Hundadze stepped out of his car with his gun visible from his waist moments before the police officer got off his motorcycle and shot him twice

The cop hopped out of his motorcycle and opened fire, striking Hundadze twice.

Authorities arrested the police officer and are investigating the incident as an attempted homicide. 

Ammunition and pepper spray were found in Hundadze’s vehicle. Authorities also confiscated each of the guns that the cop and Hundadze were carrying. 

Hundadze was taken to Mandaqui Hospital, where he underwent surgery. 

His family released a statement via Hundadze’s Instagram account on Tuesday afternoon and said that he is in serious condition.

‘To date, he has undergone surgery and is currently in serious condition in the ICU. We ask that those who love Gui and accompany him, say a prayer for his life and that he recovers as quickly as possible, please!’ the statement read.

‘Gui is a good friend, son, grandson and boyfriend. Anyone who knows him knows that he is much more than the content of the videos posted, he is young and has a lot to live and learn.’

Guillermo Hundadze left the acting business several years ago to concentrate on being an influencer and created a YouTube channel with more than 700,000 subscribers, uploading content on cars and traffic disputes

Brazilian YouTuber and former child actor Guillermo Hundadze with DJ Steve Aoki

Hundadze was known for his work as a child actor in TB Globo soap operas, including Eterna Magia (Eternal Magic), O Natal do Menino Imperador (The Little Emperor’s Christmas, a year-end Christmas special), but left the acting business several years ago to work as an influencer.

Since then, Hundadze has amassed more than 13,000 followers on Instagram and more than 700,000 subscribers on YouTube channel GUI50, where he shares content on cars and traffic disputes.

His most-viewed videos show him involved in arguments with police officers, and it’s unknown if the road rage spat was part of another script.

Other clips show him arguing with truck driver and motorcyclists who appear to adhere to speed limits. On one occasion he got out of his car and pepper sprayed another motorist.

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