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alert-–-‘well,-well,-well,-if-it-isn’t-the-original-lesbian-nana-herself’:-mother-of-girl-arrested-for-saying-officer-looked-like-her-gay-grandmother-says-same-cop-is-in-new-viral-video-spraying-crowd-with-pepper-spray-in-leeds-‘altercation’Alert – ‘Well, well, well, if it isn’t the original lesbian nana herself’: Mother of girl arrested for saying officer looked like her gay grandmother says SAME cop is in new viral video spraying crowd with pepper spray in Leeds ‘altercation’

The mother of a girl arrested for saying a police officer looked like her ‘lesbian nana’ said she is the same cop in a viral video spraying a crowd in Leeds on Sunday.

Over the weekend extraordinary footage emerged of a group of West Yorkshire Police staff dealing with a crowd on an estate.

At the centre of the fracas was a short blonde-haired officer who was filmed erratically shouting and using pava spray on members on the public.

Eagle-eyed members of the public said they thought she looked familiar and claimed she was the same cop who went viral in an early video back in August.

That time a cop was seen on TikTok footage arresting an autistic girl, 15, who had said she looked ‘like her lesbian nana’.

And earlier today that schoolgirl’s mother confirmed she believed the same officer was in both of the videos. 

The parent, who cannot be named, posted on TikTok: ‘Well, well well if it isn’t the original lesbian nana herself’ accompanied by a video of a woman spraying a crowd and yelling ‘get back’ as she and other officers are surrounded by a crowd of people. 

West Yorkshire Police and federation have refused request for comment on whether she is featured in both clips.

A police officer was caught on video spraying a crowd and yelling ‘get back’ during a huge altercation in Leeds

A teenage girl was arrested in August after she called this police officer a ‘lesbian like nana’ 

The mother of the has claimed that she is the same cop seen in a video spraying a crowd with pepper spray in an altercation in Leeds

The mother posted the video of the chaotic scenes, which took place on Third Avenue in Rothwell on Sunday, October 22, after a huge crowd amassed around police, with the caption: ‘Well well well. If it isn’t the original #lesbian #nanna herself’. 

She claims in the post that ‘I was told this officer had been suspended after she dragged my autistic daughter from our home.’

During the incident in August, the woman’s 16-year-old daughter, who also suffers from spinal disability scoliosis, had been driven to her home in Leeds, West Yorkshire, by officers after attending the city’s Gay Pride celebrations with her sister when she allegedly made a ‘homophobic’ remark.

She was later dragged away ‘screaming’ by West Yorkshire Police officers in the early hours of the morning having been arrested on suspicion of ‘homophobic public order offence’.

Footage of the incident, filmed by the girl’s mother went viral on TikTok prompting a furious backlash online, as the officers were accused of heavy-handedness and left the girl cowering under the stairs in her own home.

The teenager, who is not being named, was held in custody for 20 hours after the incident and then released. The force later confirmed it would take no further action against the teenager and released her from her bail. 

Following the recent footage from Leeds, West Yorkshire Police said in a statement on X: ‘West Yorkshire Police is aware of footage circulating on social media around some disorder on Third Avenue, Rothwell on Sunday (22/10) afternoon. 

It added: ‘The matter is being investigated and body worn footage currently being reviewed.’ 

The teenager was dragged screaming from her home in Leeds, West Yorkshire, by a group of officers after a ‘homophobic public order offence’

The girl cowered in a corner of the hallway as her mother said she was autistic and had not meant to offend the officer

The girl, who also has scoliosis, tumbled down as she was dragged by officers outside into a police car

Footage from the incident shows police engaging in a physical altercation with one man next to a red car that is parked on the street. 

One officer abruptly begins using what appears to be pepper spray at the riled up crowd as she yells ‘get back now’. She then appears to spray one man in the face before letting off another burst on to another. 

The same officer repeatedly keeps shouting ‘get back’ before another steps in to assist. 

The man filming the ensuing chaos can be heard saying: ‘The f*** you doing you little muppet?’. The camera then pans to another officer as the same person asks: ‘What are you doing you?’.

More officers then step in to take control of the situation as they form a line blocking the crowd from moving further down the street. 

The man filming asks one: ‘You seen what she just done to her mate?’

Others can be heard asking ‘who’s been arrested?’ and insisting ‘that boy has not done no wrong’ while a police dog can be heard barking in the background. 

Later in the video, more police vans are seen arriving as the situation descends into further chaos. 

A man then explains: ‘F***ing just dragged him out his car and then started pepper spraying everyone.’

The same officer that was seen spraying the crowd then yells ‘get out of the road now’ before shoving a woman towards the pavement. 

The police eventually gain control of the situation after the crowd has dispersed and several police cars can be seen on the side of the street. 

Shocking footage shows police being swarmed by a crowd of people, with some officers seen engaging in a physical altercation with one man next to a red car that is parked on the street

One officer (pictured left) abruptly starts using what appears to be pepper spray of the riled up crowd

She aggressively yells ‘get back now’ at the crowd while holding the spray in her hand 

Other officers carrying batons block the crowd from getting further up the street

 Many of the officers in the three-minute-long video appear to very young as they stood among a group of what seem to be older colleagues. 

It comes after two student recruits from West Yorkshire Police were mocked by online trolls about how young they looked.

Superintendent Helen Brear of West Yorkshire Police posted a photo on Twitter alongside the message: ‘Welcome Alfie and Noah to Kirklees District. New student officers as part of our Police Uplift programme, #Policing family.’

All student officers must be over 18 to apply but keyboard bullies soon went into overdrive at the sight of the budding policemen standing with Supt Brear and another female officer.

But Supt Brear did not see the funny side and hit back, saying: ‘I have been incredibly disappointed by some of the responses. 

‘Both of my colleagues passed the recruitment process and displayed they had the skills/abilities. Both will make great cops and I as their leader will ensure they reach their potential.’ 

West Yorkshire Police’s website states that those applying to join the police ‘must have reached 18’ to become a student officer.

Their training combines a mixture of classroom learning and practical experience and if successful will gain a degree at the end of the three-year course.

Superintendent Helen Brear of West Yorkshire Police posted a photo on Twitter alongside the message: ‘Welcome Alfie and Noah to Kirklees District. New student officers as part of our Police Uplift programme, #Policing family’

A profile of the student officer role states the ‘key outputs’ include ‘arrest, detain or report individuals ensuring that they are dealt with appropriately in line with current guidance’. 

Another is to ‘interview, victims, witnesses and suspects’ and officers must ‘lead by example and behave in line with the Police Code of Ethics’.

‘Essential’ attributes for West Yorkshire officers is to ‘communicate clearly’, have a ‘good command of English’, basic computer skills, ability to pass a fitness test and ability to undertake biometric testing.

Last year the West Yorkshire force recruited 624 officers through its Uplift programme.

has contacted West Yorkshire Police for comment.  

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