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alert-–-the-view-host-ana-navarro-goes-on-yet-another-tirade-against-jada-pinkett-smith-again-for-’embarrassing’-her-estranged-husband-will-in-tell-all-book-(before-admitting-she-hasn’t-even-read-the-explosive-memoir)Alert – The View host Ana Navarro goes on yet ANOTHER tirade against Jada Pinkett Smith AGAIN for ’embarrassing’ her estranged husband Will in tell-all book (before admitting she hasn’t even read the explosive memoir)

The View’s Ana Navarro has not quite finished eviscerating Jada Pinkett Smith just yet.

The 51-year-old laid into the actress for a second time on Monday, claiming that her husband Will Smith is an ’emotional prisoner’ who has been ’embarrassed’ by her tell-all memoir, Worthy.

It comes days after she accused the Gotham actress, 52, of using her marriage to make money and sell books.

Ana’s latest comments sparked a heated discussion with co-host Sunny Hostin, who urged her to ‘read the book’ – but Ana insisted she will not spend a ‘dime’ on a copy.

‘Listen, I’m done with the Jada thing and I’m done defending Will because Will is out there supporting her,’ Ana fumed. ‘I think Will is being held emotionally prisoner, but you know what? It’s their stuff!

The View’s Ana Navarro, 51, slammed Jada Pinkett Smith, 52, again during Monday’s episode of the ABC show

Sunny Hostin, 55, defended Jada and urged Ana to actually read the actress’ new memoir called Worthy

In her new book, Jada revealed that she and her husband Will Smith have been separated since 2016

‘I don’t want to read the book! I don’t want to give them another dime for her emasculating and embarrassing him to everybody in the world.’

She added: ‘But you know what I do want to read? Mitt Romney has a new biography coming out.’

A shocked Sunny, 55, asked: ‘That’s what you want to read?’

Sunny, who said she has formed a ‘completely different opinion’ of Jada since reading Worthy, was fighting a losing battle on today’s show, with Alyssa Farah Griffin adding that she is also loathe to read the book. 

The former White House aide, 34, argued: ‘Sometimes I feel like there are so many excerpts up front, that I’m like, “you know they lead with the juiciest stuff so what else am I going to find in there?” So it kind of makes you not necessarily feel like you need to read it.’

When Whoopi Goldberg, 67, asked if there was even any point in celebrities writing ‘juicy’ memoirs when social media exists, Sunny replied: ‘See I think that people do think they know you from social media. They think they know you from little clips on YouTube and a lot of those are taken out of context. They don’t really know you or where you came from.

‘And I have to say I felt the same way about the Jada story, as you know, and then a friend of mine suggested that I read it, that it actually gave a lot of insight, and I started reading it and I have a completely different opinion about her now.’

Alyssa butted in and admitted: ‘I’ve got to read it because I’ve been shady!’

Sunny continued: ‘She basically says, “do you think that I have that much power over the Will Smith? If that were the case, my life would have been very different”.’

Ana blurted out: ‘Yes!’

It marked the second time the panel have come to blows over Jada’s memoir, with Ana previously suggesting that the actress’ shock admission that she has been separated from Will for seven years was an ‘unseemly’ money making ploy.

Mother-of-two Sunny defended Jada and said she has a ‘completely different opinion about her now’

Ana went on somewhat of an epic rant while her co-host Whoopi Goldberg (left) looked on

Ana argued that Jada has been ’embarrassing and emasculating’ 55-year-old Will

‘I think she’s having a relationship with her bank account because every time she needs to, like, increase the ratings of the Red Table, every time she needs to sell books, she drops these bombshells. I find it unseemly,’ she fumed.

She also joked that she ‘knows more about their marriage’ than she does about her own to Al Cárdenas.

And when Ana dramatically begged ‘just leave this out of my head’, Sunny fired back: ‘I am fascinated because I don’t think anybody knows what goes on in any marriage.’

Jada shocked the world earlier this month when she made the revelation that she and Will – who wed in 1997 – had been living completely separate lives’ since 2016 after she said she became ‘exhausted’ from trying to repair their ‘fractured’ marriage.

But in a confusing turn of events, the actress then left fans scratching their heads when she claimed that they were not broken up – but ‘working hard’ to repair their romance. 

She claimed he was very much ‘still her man’ in other interviews.

A source exclusively told exclusively that those close to Jada are frustrated with her varying stories – since it’s clear to them that ‘there is no chance she and Will will get back to what they once were’.

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