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alert-–-strictly-come-dancing-fans-stunned-to-see-harry-potter-star-in-the-studio-audience:-‘sign-him-up-for-next-year!’Alert – Strictly Come Dancing fans STUNNED to see Harry Potter star in the studio audience: ‘Sign him up for next year!’

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Strictly Come Dancing viewers were stunned to see Harry Potter star David Bradley in the studio audience during Saturday’s show. 

The actor, 81, who played Hogwarts’ caretaker Argus Filch in seven of the fantasy films, looked worlds away from his iconic movie character in a smart grey suit for the outing. 

David was spotted by excited fans as he cheered and applauded pal and former co-star Nigel Harman following his foxtrot with pro-partner Katya Jones. 

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one wrote: ‘Was that Filch / Walder Frey in the #Strictly audience?’.

While another wondered: ‘Why is Filch in the audience? #Strictly.’

Shock: Strictly Come Dancing viewers were stunned to see Harry Potter star David Bradley, 81, in the studio audience during Saturday’s show

Like magic: The actor, who played Hogwarts’ caretaker Argus Filch (pictured) in seven of the fantasy films, looked worlds away from his iconic movie character in a smart suit as he cheered on the celebrity contestants.

Someone else begged: And another begged: ‘Love seeing David Bradley in the #Strictly audience. Sign him up for next year! #StrictlyComeDancing.’ 

With a fourth writing: ‘Seeing Argus Filch in the audience at Strictly has made me smile the most I’ve smiled in a week… It’s the simple things.’

And: ‘Am I still groggy after my afternoon nap or did I just see Filch from Harry Potter in the audience? #Strictly’

The two actors appeared together in a production of at The Caretaker at the Tricycle Theatre in London back in 2006.

The actor has also portrayed Walder Frey in Game of Thrones and Ray Johnson in Ricky Gervais’ Netflix series After Life.

The shock sighting comes after Nigel accidentally kicked his partner Katya Jones after he messed up his footwork and was left making up the steps.

Despite Nigel’s impressive salsa last Saturday, his foxtrot left the judges unimpressed as they picked up on his inaccurate footwork.

Speaking with Claudia, even the Casualty actor himself admitted: ‘I kicked Katya and then made up the steps for a bit.

Total legend: David was spotted by excited fans as he cheered and applauded pal and former co-star Nigel Harman following his foxtrot

Impressive: Nigel and partner Katya Jones impressed the judges despite making a few mistakes  

On stage: The two actors appeared together in a production of at The Caretaker at the Tricycle Theatre in London back in 2006 (pictured)

Iconic: Many shared their surprise and delight at seeing the veteran actor in the crowd, with some even petitioning for him to appear on next years show

To which Katya replied: ‘I didn’t even notice the mistake, he was leading me through the dance.’

It seems nerves were getting the better of some of the contestants during Saturday night’s show as many other celebrities were also plagued with mistakes

Meanwhile Eddie and Karen’s salsa left Motsi almost telling the comedian off, as she remarked: ‘The footwork should be better by now.’ 

Character: The actor has also portrayed Walder Frey in Game of Thrones (pictured) and Ray Johnson in Ricky Gervais’ Netflix series After Life

They might have enjoyed his hip movement, but the technique was not enough. 

Feeling very picky with their comments Craig earlier remarked that Annabel Croft’s Charleston had ‘no swivel’ as the judges commented that the nerves seemed to have got to her too. 

Viewers seemed to be noticing the errors too, as they took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the first few performances. 


Angela Rippon

Age: 78 

Profession: Journalist 

Angela says: ‘Having been a fan of Strictly since day one, and as a former presenter of Come Dancing, this will be quite an adventure for me. A scary one, considering I’m about to be 79. But I’m looking forward to the challenge, and perhaps being able to learn to dance the Argentine Tango.’

Amanda Abbington

Age: 49

Profession: Actress

Amanda says: ‘I’m thrilled to have been asked to do Strictly. I’m actually really shy and self-conscious so this will be a great opportunity for me to overcome those things.’

Layton Williams

Age: 28

Profession: Actor

Layton says: ‘Absolutely buzzing to confirm that I will be taking part in THE most iconic dance competition in the UK! It’s time to bring it to the Ballroom. So excited to learn new skills from the best. Bring on the sequins… ALL the sequins!’

 Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Age: 53

Profession: Journalist

Krishnan says: ‘I’m surprised, delighted and slightly confused to find myself taking part in Strictly on the basis of ‘You only live once!’ I can’t wait to start learning to dance, but I am slightly worried about my general decrepitude.’

Eddie Kadi

Age: 40

Profession: Comedian and radio presenter

Eddie says: ‘WOW. Anyone who knows me, understands that music and dance is so important and central to who I am. I’m so unbelievably proud and honoured that Strictly and the BBC have asked me to join the 2023 Team. I promise you, I’m going to give it everything I’ve got. This is going to be a VIBE.

Angela Scanlon

Age: 39

Profession: TV presenter

Angela says: ‘I’m not particularly fit, I’ve no idea how my pelvic floor is going to react to this dancing. I’ve never done any dances apart from drunken jiving at a wedding!’ 

Zara McDermott 

Age: 26

Profession: Documentary maker and former Love Island star

Zara says: ‘I am so excited to be joining the world of Strictly! I grew up watching it every year with my nan and she was the biggest Strictly fan. We would dance around the house and I have such fond memories of that time in my life.’

Adam Thomas 

Age: 34 

Profession: Actor and presenter

Adam says: ‘I can’t dance to save my life but I’m buzzing to learn and have a good laugh with my pro. Get me on that dance floor…I can’t wait!’

Ellie Leach 

Age: 22

Profession:  Coronation Street star

Ellie says: ‘It still doesn’t feel real that I’m going to be doing Strictly!! It’s always been a dream of mine so I guess dreams really do come true!!!!’

Bobby Brazier 

Age: 20

Profession:  EastEnders star and model 

Bobby says: ‘I’m so excited to be part of the Strictly line up, I can’t wait to start training like a professional dancer and adding a few moves to my locker. I’m looking forward to performing in-front of everyone.’

Nigel Harman 

Age: 49 

Profession:  Actor

Nigel says: ‘I’m amazed, excited, and terrified to be doing Strictly. As an armchair fan of the show I have watched in awe as people have twirled and gyrated across the screen. And now it’s my turn…..gulp!’

Annabel Croft 

Age: 57 

Profession:  Broadcaster and ex tennis player

Annabel says: ‘I have always loved watching Strictly and can’t quite believe I’m going to be part of this magical show – swapping tennis balls for glitter balls and looking forward to finding some joyfulness in the process.’

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