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alert-–-daredevil-colorado-skydiver-dad,-36,-is-killed-after-his-parachute-fails-to-open-during-dive-his-father-says-was-nearly-his-hundredth-this-yearAlert – Daredevil Colorado skydiver dad, 36, is killed after his parachute fails to open during dive his father says was nearly his HUNDREDTH this year

A Colorado skydiver was killed after his parachute failed to open during a dive in Texas on October 15. 

Jacob Glenn Todd, 36, was just about to reach his hundredth dive of the year as he wrapped up his skydiving season. 

It is unclear exactly how his parachute malfunctioned. 

He was not only an avid skydiver, but also a father to his nine-year-old daughter Jeune, a brother to his three siblings and a son to his parents.  

‘They have a zest for life, they have a zest for adventure and he was one of those people. The guy was not only my son, but my best friend,’ his father Dave told KDVR.

Jacob Glenn Todd (pictured) tragically died on October 15 in Texas when his parachute malfunctioned while he was skydiving. He was nearing the end of his skydiving season and just about to reach his hundredth dive. This image is from a previous jump 

Jacob was extremely close with his nine-year-old daughter Jeunue who frequently joined him on his daring adventures. The GoFundMe page in honor of Jacob has raised funds to go toward funeral expenses and some will be put toward a savings account for his daughter 

Many of his family members noted Jacob’s contagious energy that his brother Bryan said could never be replaced.

‘I think one of the things that Jake taught me is compassion. Jake was the type of guy that would give you the shirt off of his back, who’d give you the last of something he had if it’s what you needed,’ Bryan said. 

A GoFundMe page has been created in honor of Jacob with funds set to go toward funeral expenses and savings for his daughter. 

Jacob was exceptionally close with his daughter Jeune who frequently joined her father on his daring adventures.

‘Most important to Jake was being an extremely loving father to his daughter, Jeune. 

‘Together they loved to go on adventures like rock hunting, going to theme parks, and sky diving. If you knew Jake, you knew Jeuene was always attached at his hip,’ Bryan said on the donation page. 

His father Dave said: ‘Jake completely embraced the Colorado spirit, and I’m going to miss him, but I’m really proud of him.’

‘I fully intend to make sure through his daughter and the rest of my children we’re going to keep that legacy alive.’ 

Many have donated and left heartfelt comments on social media and the GoFundMe page. So far, a total of $6,391 out of a $10,000 goal has been raised. 

Jacob’s family said they will remember him most for his contagious energy that he always brought wherever he went. He died when his parachute failed to open when he was diving in Texas on October 15. It is unclear exactly how the parachute malfunctioned

Jacob’s younger brother Bryan (left) said that one of the biggest things his older brother (right) taught him was compassion. His father Dave (middle) said that he plans to keep his late son’s ‘Colorado spirit’ alive through his granddaughter Jeune and his other children

Many have donated and left heartfelt comments on social media and the GoFundMe page. So far, a total of $6,141 out of a $10,000 goal has been raised. His funeral services are set to be held on Sunday in his home state of Colorado

Jacob’s sister Amanda posted to Facebook and said: ‘He was an amazing person and a great father. This will help his family with funeral expenses and support his daughter. Thank for all the love and support.’  

‘Sunday my brother Jake passed away in a skydiving accident. He was the good looking one, the funny one, the artist, the champion wrestler, the Johnny Knoxville, the crazy one who knew how to push the limits,’ his younger brother Bryan said on a Facebook post.  

Funeral services for Jake are set to be held on Sunday in his home state of Colorado. 

According to a study from the Federal Aviation Administration, two out of every 1,000 parachute deployments will fail.

Parachute failure can be caused by user error, the weather, incorrect packing, failure to properly inspect equipment, and improper deployment technique. 

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