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alert-–-out-of-control-muck-up-day-house-party-attended-by-up-to-400-people-ends-with-adult-and-five-children-as-young-as-12-in-hospitalAlert – Out-of-control muck-up day house party attended by up to 400 people ends with adult and five children as young as 12 in hospital

An out-of-control muck up day house party attended by up to 400 people has ended with multiple emergency crews treating several party-goers – one as young as 12 – who were rushed to hospital. 

Hundreds of teenagers were marking the end of the school year with celebrations before Queensland police were called to a home at Sungold Road in Chambers Flat, around 40 kilometres south-west of Brisbane on Friday around 11pm. 

The party took an ugly turn when emergency crews responded to reports several teens were drunk after consuming alcohol.

Officers from Queensland Police were called to a house party that got out of control in Brisbane’s south-west late on Friday night

Paramedics from the Queensland Ambulance Service [QAS] treated six children aged between 12 to 18 at the scene with five of those attended to being girls. 

A 12-year-old girl was among those treated after she became heavily intoxicated. 

A spokeswoman from the QAS told Daily Mail Australia multiple ambulance crews attended the scene on Friday night. 

The spokeswoman denied earlier reports rocks thrown at paramedics responding to the incident.   

‘No rocks were thrown at any of our officers,’ the spokeswoman said.  

One girl is believed to have suffered an eye injury however it is not clear how she sustained the injury. 

Paramedics treated multiple people for several injuries including a 12-year-old girl who was heavily intoxicated after six ambulance crews from the QAS rushed to the scene in Sungold Road (pictured), around 40 kilometres south-west of Brisbane

Six teens were taken to Logan Hospital for treatment, including from injuries resulting from the significant consumption of drugs and alcohol. 

All of those injured are believe to be in a stable condition. 

Police are believed to also be investigating an alleged sexual assault. 

A spokesperson from Queensland Police told Daily Mail Australia in a statement that officers assisted emergency crews to order revellers to clear out the site. 

‘It’s understood up to 300 people were in attendance and causing a disruption in the neighbourhood,’ the spokesperson said. 

‘Upon arrival, officers moved on the group and remained on scene until those people safely left the area.’

‘Officers also assisted other emergency services who were responding, where appropriate.’

The spokesperson also said that a 19-year-old Burpengary man was issued infringements in relation to trespassing and public nuisance.

Teenagers who attended the party were spotted cleaning up the site on Saturday with some telling The Courier Mail that the celebrations got out of control.  

Queensland Police said a 19-year-old man was handed an infringement notice for trespassing and public nuisance

‘The kids were so drunk,’ one teen said. 

‘Half of us didn’t even know what was happening,’ another said. 

One girl said celebrations took a turn after other people who were also invited attended the celebrations. 

‘It was just a party for our close friends and they invited people, then it got out of hand,’ she said.

Friday marked the end of the school year for most senior students before exams get underway next week.

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