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alert-–-ruby-franke’s-eldest-daughter-shari-breaks-her-silence-to-say-‘there’s-no-words-to-describe-how-upside-down-my-life-is’-after-mom-was-arrested-for-child-abuse-and-she-took-in-her-siblingsAlert – Ruby Franke’s eldest daughter Shari breaks her silence to say ‘there’s no words to describe how upside down my life is’ after mom was arrested for child abuse and she took in her siblings

Ruby Franke’s eldest daughter Shari has said her life has been turned ‘upside down’ as she broke her silence after her mother’s arrest.

Ruby ran parent counseling service ConneXions along with business partner Jodi Hildebrandt, 54. Both were arrested on August 30 after one of Franke’s sons was found with open wounds and duct tape on his limbs.

In an Instagram post, Shari, 20 – who is estranged from her parents and who’s father Kevin has wanted her arrested for burglary – spoke out about what she’s been going through.

‘There’s literally not even words to describe how upside down my life has become,’ she wrote.

‘I’ve cried, had an infinite number of panic attacks, had way too much ice-cream, and yet life goes on.’

Shari also credited her faith and counseling with getting her through her mother’s ordeal. 

Shari Franke, the eldest daughter of disgraced parenting blogger Ruby Franke , confessed to panic attacks and he life being ‘upside down’ as she breaks her silence following her mother’s arrest

‘Therapy has literally saved me, but God has too,’ Franke wrote. ‘My life is somehow becoming more beautiful and fulfilling, despite all the terrible things going on.’ 

Despite a desire to ‘hide away,’ Shari said that she has spent the weeks since the arrest trying to live ‘life to the fullest.’ 

‘I’d appreciate your prayers and thoughts for my family and myself,’ she added ahead of a court hearing. ‘Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for you all, and I feel your love.’

Shari claimed in September that relatives have been ‘trying to tell the police and CPS for years about this’, adding that she was ‘so glad they finally decided to step up’ and the kids were safe. She posted the message to Instagram with a photo of police outside the home captioned ‘finally’. 

It was revealed last week that Kevin called the police on their estranged eldest daughter two days after his wife was arrested. 

Kevin told cops on September 1 Shari had broken into their home and stolen hard drives.

But Springville Police Department, in Utah, told the father that the door to the property was damaged when they broke down the door on August 30.

He told officers he wanted her arrested for burglary, with police ‘responding by phone’ to him, according to an incident report obtained by Fox News Digital.

Shari Franke revealed in April that she was no longer in contact with her mother

Shari posted about her mother’s arrest on Instagram, sharing an image of police officers outside the home captioned ‘Finally’

Shari, her five siblings and parents were shot into stardom back in 2015, after she started sharing videos giving an inside look into her life as a Mormon mother-of-six on YouTube

It is now known that the four young children who were found are currently in custody of the state of Utah

Ruby’s husband Kevin called the police on September 1, claiming their eldest daughter, Shari, 20, had broken into the home and taken several items after his wife’s arrest 

The police report said: ‘Kevin stated that Shari is not allowed in the home, and that he believes she entered unlawfully and he wants her charged with burglary.’

He ‘wanted to have his daughter charged with theft for taking some hard drives out of the house’, with officers informing him that she ‘wasn’t aware’ she couldn’t have them.

Shari returned the items – three tablets, three cell phones, three cameras, journals and three passports – to Springville Police Department. Officers then returned them to her father.

Kevin was seen on bodycam footage asking cops to charge his daughter for robbery shortly after his wife was arrested for child abuse.

Police said Shari’s intent was ‘not to deprive him of any items, she had previously been allowed in the home, and he had not been in the home admittedly for 13 months.’

They refused to take action against Shari, who handed over passports, phones and tablets she took from the family property following the police raid.

Ruby’s family previously told she should be ‘put away forever’ if she’s convicted of the abuse.

Her sisters-in-law Cynthia and Jennifer Franke say they believe the abuse allegations against the mother-of-six and say they are ‘shocked’ and ‘sickened’.

It was revealed last week that Kevin Franke called the police on their estranged eldest daughter two days after his wife was arrested over child abuse claims 

Ruby Franke’s estranged husband asked cops to arrest his daughter for robbery shortly after the mommy blogger was arrested for child abuse

Kevin ‘wanted to have his daughter charged with theft for taking some hard drives out of the house’, with officers informing him that she ‘wasn’t aware’ she couldn’t have them

Ruby previously made astonishing claims during a court hearing that one of her minor children sexually abused one of their siblings and other children.

She also claimed her two children played a ‘patting’ game with each other, but did not go into further detail.

Her strict parenting style has faced a repeated backlash since she started the channel in 2015.

Viewers called child protective services in 2020 after their son Chad, 15, claimed he had slept on a bean bag for seven months.

Ruby’s family previously told that she should be ‘put away forever’ if she’s convicted of the abuse

Ruby Franke, (left)  who ran the now-defunct 8 Passengers channel, was arrested along with her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt (right) on August 30

Speaking exclusively to, Ruby’s sisters-in-law Cynthia (left) and Jennifer Franke (right) say she’s lying and ‘saying anything to save herself’

She also threatened to bin her children’s items if they didn’t pay her cash for them, claiming it was a lesson in understanding the value of their things.

Both Franke and Hildebrant have been previously criticized for their teachings on parenting – collaborating on Hildebrandt’s life counseling service ConneXions.

Ruby first rose to fame for her strict parenting style which blew up online and made her ‘millions’ of dollars, she claimed.

She racked up more than 2.2million subscribers for documenting their day-to-day endeavors on social media, along with husband Kevin. 

The pair stopped uploading videos in January 2022 and the 8 Passengers page was taken down completely from the website earlier this year. 

When asked why she left YouTube behind months later, she said she opted to stop uploading videos because she wanted to ‘save her kids.’

In July, she was called out online after video surfaced of her allowing her daughter to go hungry after the young girl had forgotten to make her own lunch before school. 

In a video posted to in 2020, Ruby said her daughter’s teacher had texted her, telling her that the youngster didn’t have anything to eat for lunch.

She said all her kids are responsible for preparing their own lunches in the morning, so she would not be dropping off any food for her daughter to teach her a lesson. 

Franke said: ‘My hope [is that] she will be hungry and come home and be like ‘that was really painful being hungry all day I’ll make sure to always have a lunch with me.”

‘The natural outcome is that she is just going to have to go hungry.’

It was this parenting style that helped the woman to gain a massive following on YouTube and shine a spotlight on herself and her family.

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