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alert-–-manhunt-for-‘armed-and-dangerous’-air-force-vet-aaron-pennington-whose-wife-breanne-was-shot-in-the-face-and-killed-before-their-four-young-children-ran-to-neighbor’s-house-for-helpAlert – Manhunt for ‘armed and dangerous’ Air Force vet Aaron Pennington whose wife Breanne was shot in the face and killed before their four young children ran to neighbor’s house for help

Massachusetts cops have launched a huge manhunt after a husband allegedly shot his wife in the face and killed her.

Police are searching for Air Force vet Aaron Pennington, 33, after his wife, Breanne ‘Breezy’ Pennington, 30, was found dead in their home. 

Police found  the mom-of-four in an upstairs bedroom with a gunshot wound to her face on Sunday morning, according to a criminal complaint.

The discovery was made after the couple’s children – aged two, five, seven and nine – ran to a neighbor’s house at around 9.14am.

Aaron Pennington, 33, is accused of fatally shooting his wife before fleeing their Massachusetts home

Breanne ‘Breezy’ Pennington, 30, was found with a gunshot wound to the face

The 33-year-old veteran’s BMW was found abandoned in a wooded area near the city of Gardner

‘Four children came over to her house scared because they could not find their father and their mother was in her bedroom crying,’ a trooper reported.

‘The four children were known to reside with their parents at 42 Cherry Street in the city of Gardner. The children also stated that their father’s vehicle was no longer in the residence’s driveway.’

Responding officers found the mother-of-four in an upstairs bedroom, with a gunshot wound to the face. 

Three shell casings were found in the bedroom, but no weapons were recovered in the home.

The complaint also accuses Pennington of illegally possessing a firearm without a license to carry.

Surveillance video showed the 33-year-old fleeing in a white BMW sedan at 8.50am on Sunday. The car was later found abandoned in a wooded area near Gardner.

Investigators said the couple was facing ‘marital issues for quite some time,’ with Breanne planning to move to Texas with the children to get away from her husband.

She was known to keep a gun at home for her protection, police said.

The couple have four young children, who fled to a neighbor’s house after the attack, claiming their mother was ‘in her bedroom crying’

Aaron Pennington is accused of unlawfully possessing a firearm without a license to carry

The couple’s home in Gardner, Massachusetts, where police found Breanne Pennington, 30, dead in an upstairs bedroom 

They also noted that Pennington dealt with ‘mental issues and had threatened suicide.’

The four siblings were placed in the custody of the state Department of Children and Families.

In a 2016 Facebook post, the U.S. veteran thanked his wife for all that she did for the family.

‘You have the most selfless outlook and are so dedicated to making us happy,’ he wrote.

‘We appreciate you as the hardest working mother and wife out there. You are truly amazing!’

He praised her for ‘always being patient’ and setting a great example for their children.

After news of her death broke, social media was flooded with posts commemorating Breanne’s life.

Police report that the couple were grappling with ‘marital issues for quite some time’

Aaron Pennington (left) is considered armed and dangerous

Several women mentioned that they knew her from an online group for expecting mothers.

‘Imagine my shock when I was scrolling and said to myself ‘That looks like Breezy’s husband, what happened?’ just to find out he murdered her and ran away,’ one woman wrote.

‘I’m absolutely SICK over this and thinking of her four precious babies. Breezy Pennington was an amazing mom, hilarious friend, and a truly sweet soul.’

‘I am hurt, sad, frustrated, angry, and most of all confused why someone has to take someone else’s life because they are unhappy,’ another friend wrote.

‘We all want justice for you and want nothing but the best for your 4 beautiful children that we all know you loved sooooo much.’

Pennington is described as white and 6’2′ tall, with blond hair and blue eyes. He is armed and dangerous, and police have directed people not to approach him.

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