Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
alert-–-hunt-for-new-‘dine-and-dashers’-who-racked-up-150-bill-in-cocktail-binge:-pregnant-businesswoman,-32,-who-spent-more-than-1million-refurbishing-old-hotel-releases-cctv-and-begs-for-help-to-catch-crooksAlert – Hunt for new ‘dine and dashers’ who racked up £150 bill in cocktail binge: Pregnant businesswoman, 32, who spent more than £1million refurbishing old hotel releases CCTV and begs for help to catch crooks

A businesswoman has appealed for help in finding three men who she claims ‘dined and dashed’ at her restaurant on Tuesday night.

Elle Bolland, 32, who has spent more than £1million refurbishing an old hotel and establishing her eatery employing 30 staff, released CCTV images of the suspects.

The three men arrived in a pick-up truck and parked in the car park of the Station Restaurant & Bar in Blaxton, Doncaster. 

Mrs Bolland, who is eight months pregnant with her second child, said she had been angered by the brazen bunch who allegedly racked up a £150 bill and polished off their meal by downing cocktails.

‘If people like this get away with it, then businesses are going to potentially face closure.

‘You have still got to be paying the bills and staff. People walking out without paying, especially when they have ordered steak, can send you under.’

They had not made a reservation and the ‘walk-ins’ were shown to table 115 where they feasted on ribeye steak, tempura prawns, meatballs, stuffed mushrooms and a burger.

They complimented their meal by drinking six ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktails made up with vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice.

They then calmly walked out, walked to their vehicle and sped off. An ANPR camera at the car park gate recorded the number plate which has been handed to police.

A check on the DVLA Government website shows that the truck has not been taxed since December 2023 and is being used unlawfully on the road.

But Mrs Bolland handed police CCTV images of the suspects both from inside and outside the restaurant.

Manager Anne Louise Inman told Mail Online: ‘The three young men entered the restaurant and appeared as friendly customers.

‘We did think they were treating themselves as having two cocktails each on a Tuesday evening is not normal.

‘But they had the food, starters and mains, and left without paying sadly. Our staff on duty alerted me immediately.

‘I called the police and informed our owner. We checked CCTV and got the vehicle registration. They were in a works’ pick-up truck.

‘We have put the post on social media platforms in the hope they would return to pay!’

A South Yorkshire police spokesperson said: ‘We are investigating reports of a theft at a restaurant in Doncaster on Tuesday night.

‘It is reported that a group of three men in their early 20s made off without paying after eating and drinking at a restaurant in Station Road.

‘Enquiries are ongoing and we would urge anyone with information to contact us on 101, quoting investigation number 14/98692/24.’

Mrs Bolland, who bought the building seven years ago, added: ‘Some people might say that £150 is a drop in the ocean to a business, but it absolutely adds up. The people who do this dine and dash just seem to be getting away with it.’

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