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alert-–-outrage-as-‘banga-list’-rating-female-students’-sexual-performance-and-assessing-looks-with-phrases-such-as-‘nice-and-easy’-or-‘a-bit-fat’-circulates-at-dutch-collegeAlert – Outrage as ‘banga list’ rating female students’ sexual performance and assessing looks with phrases such as ‘nice and easy’ or ‘a bit fat’ circulates at Dutch college

A ‘banga list’ that rates female students’ sexual performance and appearance has sparked fury after the PowerPoint document was circulated around a Dutch college.

The degrading list includes phrases such as ‘nice and easy’ and ‘a bit fat’, and the women studying at Utrecht University were also rated on a scale of one to five.

Several victims on the list are reportedly members of the Utrecht University Student Rowing Association Triton, in the Netherlands.

The club has confirmed: ‘Let it be clear that Triton strongly disapproves of the list and puts assisting the victims first. 

‘Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences were contacted and a report was made to the police’.

Several female students at Utrecht University in the Netherlands have become victims of a 'banga list' that circulated around the college and rated their appearance and sexual performance

Several female students at Utrecht University in the Netherlands have become victims of a ‘banga list’ that circulated around the college and rated their appearance and sexual performance

The association says on its site that it is in close contact with the police. 

‘Finally, we would like to urge everyone not to play a role in the distribution and sharing of this document.’ 

Parents of the students affected have reported the incident to lawyer Ina Brouwer, who has not revealed the number of concerned parents who have stepped forward.

Brouwer is already assisting victims of a previously published Utrecht ‘banga list’ that was spread around the campus via PowerPoint two weeks ago, reports De Telegraaf.

The list stemmed from the Utrecht Student Corps (USC) and within the document, female students were divided into two groups.

One that claimed the women to be attractive, and in which women were referred to as ‘dragons’.

The PowerPoint also included photos, telephone numbers, and home addresses of the female students alongside comments on their appearance.

Texts including ‘pffffff very fat’, ‘has quite a nice ass’, ‘needs to wear makeup’ and ‘as far as we are concerned, the hottest of the year 23’, were spotted besides the pictures of the women.

Comments on the women’s sexual performance were also seen, with repulsive descriptions such as ‘nice and h****’.

The USC has stated on its website that it is not responsible for the latest list, and claimed it was forwarded an email with an attachment ‘in which several women can be found with contact details, supplemented with objectionable texts’.

It also stated it would be filing a report.   

‘The email is addressed to several email addresses of people outside the USC, probably with the aim of distributing it to a large audience as quickly as possible.

‘This email has been written in a way that makes it appear that it comes from a group of USC members. 

‘We have no reason to assume that this comes from USC and there are concrete indications that the source lies outside our association.’

As a result of the previous ‘banga list’ the USC is no longer eligible to carry out ceremonial activities within the university.

It was also reportedly no longer receive funding from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht University. 

The Public Prosecution Service has started an investigation into the makers of the derogatory ‘banga list’.

An expert warned the Dutch newspaper of the dangers that surround these types of lists and the impacts they can have on women’s self esteem.

‘The thinking that misogynistic jokes should be allowed is very deep-rooted,’ youth and young adults expert Marina van der Wal said. 

‘There may be certain influential sick minds who have a sense of superiority. They feel better than the rest and want to emphasize that status by making such inappropriate jokes.

‘In doing so, they actually place themselves above women,’ she added.

The National Student Union last September called for a clearer reporting and complaints procedure to be put in place regarding ‘banga lists’.

‘Every member must know where they can go if something happens,’ they said.

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