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alert-–-podcasting-health-guru-and-stanford-doc-andrew-huberman-is-accused-of-being-a-womanizer-who-had-affair-with-five-women-at-once-and-and-may-have-given-one-an-sti-–-but-he-insisted-he-was-just-a-‘love-addict’Alert – Podcasting health guru and Stanford doc Andrew Huberman is accused of being a womanizer who had affair with five women at once and and may have given one an STI – but he insisted he was just a ‘love addict’

One of America’s most popular podcasters and health influencers has been accused of womanizing and sexually irresponsible behavior – including dating five women at the same time. One suggests he gave her an STI.

Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist based at Stanford University who shares health advice with his six million Instagram followers, and 5.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Huberman Lab.

He is well-known for his macho attitude and self-improvement videos tailored to men, and is regarded by some as being one of the top ‘bro science’ influencers – a category of science-themed social media content aimed at men.

Now a damning report has provided illuminating insight into Mr Huberman’s personal life.

Mr Huberman with a fan, who is not linked to the story

Mr Huberman with a fan, who is not linked to the story

Mr Huberman with a fan, who is not linked to the story

Mr Huberman with a fan, who is not linked to the story

Testimonies from five women paint the podcaster as a promiscuous ‘serial dater’, who subjected romantic partners to aggressive outbursts, betrayal and infidelity.

Eventually, the victims are said to have learned about each other and formed an unlikely friendship, confronting Huberman about his actions.

Accounts include that of his former partner of five years, who says Huberman had affairs with multiple women – sometimes even arranging dates on the same day. 

She claims he made derogatory comments about her, including likening dating her to ‘bobbing for apples in feces,’ which he denied. 

Mr Huberman, 48, an associate professor of neurology and ophthalmology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, has risen to prominence because of his obsession with how to optimize one’s health.

According to the New York magazine investigation, former girlfriend ‘Sarah’ (not her real name) caught Huberman having affairs with five other women – and allegedly contracted the cancer-causing STI, human papillomavirus.

Mr Huberman hosts the Huberman Lab podcast, which has millions of listeners

Mr Huberman hosts the Huberman Lab podcast, which has millions of listeners

Neurobiology professor Andrew Huberman speaking at a conference in Boston in 2023

Neurobiology professor Andrew Huberman speaking at a conference in Boston in 2023

‘I experienced his rage,’ Sarah said, ‘as two to three days of yelling in a row. When he was in this state, he would go on until 11 or 12 at night and sometimes start again at two or three in the morning.’

Mr Huberman became romantically involved with Sarah after the pair began messaging on Instagram in February 2018 – before the influencer’s rise to fame.

As the relationship progressed, Sarah claims that Mr Huberman became ‘obsessed’ with her past, particularly the two children she had from a previous relationship.

In 2021, Sarah tested positive for a high-risk form of human papillomavirus infection, also known as HPV, which is most commonly contracted via sexual activity and linked to 99 percent of cervical cancers.

She says she had never tested positive for the STI before, despite getting tested regularly for ten years.

In 2022, Sarah saw romantic texts on Mr Huberman’s phone from a woman named Eve (not her real name), an actress. 

Mr Huberman with his bullmastiff, Costello, who weighed 90 lbs

Mr Huberman with his bullmastiff, Costello, who weighed 90 lbs

Like Sarah, Eve was also under the impression that Mr Huberman was not seeing anyone else, and so the pair had unprotected sex.

However, she learned this was not the case after noticing Sarah liking and commenting on her Instagram posts. 

The pair spoke over the phone and realized they had been duped by Mr Huberman. 

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There was also Mary, from Texas, who Mr Huberman had been seeing for years and Alex, from New York, who had also been having sex with him without realizing he had a girlfriend.

The women started a group chat and corroborated the extent of Mr Huberman’s antics using time-stamped text messages. 

One day in Texas, Sarah had left Mr Huberman’s hotel, after which he slept with Mary and texted Eve. The day before Mr Huberman had moved in with Sarah, he had slept with Mary.

And on one day in March 21, 2021, while Sarah was in Berkeley, Mr Huberman had flown Mary from Texas to LA to stay with him.

While she was there, he left her looking after his dog, Costello, while he drove to a coffee shop to meet Eve, where they talked about their relationship.

He later texted Mary, who was waiting for him, that his phone died.

He texted Eve: ‘Thank you … For being so next, next, level gorgeous and sexy.’

‘Sleep well beautiful,’ he sent to Sarah. 

During a November 2021 episode of Mr Huberman’s podcast entitled ‘How Humans Select & Keep Romantic Partners in Short & Long Term,’ he was discussing similarities in mate preferences with evolutionary psychologist David Buss.

‘Could you tell us about how men and women leverage deception versus truth-telling and communicating some of the things around mate choice selection?’ Mr Huberman asked.

‘Effective tactics for men,’ said Mr Buss, ‘are often displaying cues to long-term interest… men tend to exaggerate the depths of their feelings for a woman.’

‘Let’s talk about infidelity in committed relationships,’ said Mr Huberman, chuckling. ‘I’m guessing it does happen.’

‘Men who have affairs tend to have affairs with a larger number of affair partners,’ said Mr Buss. 

‘And so… then by definition can’t be long-lasting. You can’t have the long-term affairs with six different partners.’

‘Yeah,’ said Mr Huberman, ‘unless he’s, um, juggling multiple, uh, phone accounts or something of that sort.’

‘Right, right, right, and some men try to do that, but I think it could be very taxing,’ said Mr Buss.

Mr Huberman allegedly explained to one of the women that he was not a sex addict, but a love addict.

According to Mr Huberman himself, ‘addiction is a progressive narrowing of the things that bring you pleasure.’

Via a spokesperson, Mr Huberman told the NY Mag that he did not become exclusive with Sarah until late 2021 and denied Sarah’s account of their fighting, adding: ‘Dr Huberman is very much in control of his emotions.’ 

A spokesperson for Mr Huberman declined to comment when contacted by

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