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alert-–-i-took-this-photo-after-this-woman’s-xl-bully-tore-my-beloved-jack-russell-to-shreds-in-front-of-terrified-kids…-she-never-apologised-and-just-walked-awayAlert – I took this photo after this woman’s XL Bully tore my beloved Jack Russell to shreds in front of terrified kids… she never apologised and just walked away

The distraught owner of a Jack Russell that was savaged by an XL Bully has laid the blame squarely on the vicious dog’s owner – who he photographed moments after the attack.

The shocking incident happened in Shoreditch Park last Friday evening in front of terrified children and park goers who were powerless to stop the rampaging dog. 

In a photograph taken after the attack, the dog’s owner can be seen staring defiantly into the camera as she drags the large animal away from the gathering crowds.  

Marc, 42, a personal trainer, had been walking his 2-year-old terrier Figo in Shoreditch Park last Friday evening when the mauling occurred, with Figo being lifted into the jaws of the beast and violently shook. 

The dog responsible, Marc says, had been lurking at the edge of the park prior to the attack and had unnerved him as it ‘looked like a monster.’ 

The distraught owner of a Jack Russell that was savaged by an XL Bully in a London park has claimed the owner of the vicious beast (pictured) didn’t even apologise

Figo the Jack Russell was attacked by the enormous dog in Shoreditch Park

The aftermath of the shocking attack was caught on camera as brave onlookers attempted to prevent the female owner of the animal from leaving the busy park

Figo required life-saving surgery following the mauling and multiple rounds of stitches 

This attack follows Prime Minister Rishi Sunak September decision to ban the dangerous dog breed by the end of the year as the ‘pattern of behaviour’ in the animals ‘cannot go on’. 

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The aftermath of the shocking attack was caught on camera as brave onlookers attempted to prevent the female handler of the animal from leaving the busy park before the police arrived. 

In the clip, the enormous dog can be seen panting and straining against its harness as the stubborn owner struggles to maintain control of it. 

Marc has now revealed the costly veterinary surgery needed to save his dog’s life has cost him £1,600 – and claimed the owner of the vicious beast didn’t even apologise. 

Speaking to , Marc revealed that the incident had been traumatising for everyone in the park. 

He explained: ‘I was in the park at about 5pm and my dog was playing with a bunch of other dogs in the middle of the park.

‘I did see the woman and that dog in the far distance, and I thought “Wow, that dog looks pretty big”, but I didn’t know what it was or anything.

‘Then suddenly it just comes steaming towards us. My dog happens to be the first dog that was in that group of dogs and he was just grabbed up and shook around violently.

‘It was all a blur and suddenly I’ve grabbed hold of my dog’s legs and I’m trying to pull him free and a bunch of other strangers are wrestling the dog until he eventually let it go.’

Following the mauling, Marc was forced to scoop his bruised and bloodied pup up into his arms and run to seek costly medical aid. 

He continued: ‘Figo is about 8kg, this other dog must have weighed 30kg at least – so he’s lucky to be alive. 

‘I took him to the emergency room and the damage was extensive. He had stitches in four areas of his body, some of them internal. His latissimus dorsi muscle had basically been torn to shreds.’ 

But amazingly despite the clear damage her out of control dog had caused, Marc says its sunglasses clad owner not only didn’t apologise and then fled the scene. 

Figo is now taking his first steps along the road to recovery but has been visibly scarred from the incident 

The enormous dog could be seen straining against the lead following the incident

He said: ‘The worst thing about it was the owner. She wasn’t shocked, or, you know, surprised, and she wasn’t running over and shouting and screaming. 

‘It was all too calm for her.

‘She left the park without saying a word.

‘There’s kids playing football in the park and people of all ages coming home. I think a lot of people realised it could have been anybody that was attacked.’ 

Following the incident, Marc reported the attack to the police and he claims they are now investigating. 

He continued: ‘I’m not blaming the dog. I’m blaming the owner. I know from having a dog that it’s 99.9 per cent the owner’s responsibility for how their dog is. 

‘You know what your dog is like, what it can safely do and what it can’t do.’

The Metropolitan Police confirmed an attack had taken place and that an investigation was under way. 

A spokesman said: ‘Police were called at 17:42hrs on Friday, 20 October to Shoreditch Park, N1 following reports of a dog attacking another dog.

‘Officers attended, however no one was located at the scene.

‘The injured dog had been taken to the vets by the owner. We have since spoken with the owner and an investigation has been launched.

‘No arrests have been made. Enquiries are ongoing.’

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