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alert-–-devastated-kapunda-family’s-warning-after-12-year-old-milla-foster-died-two-days-after-visiting-hospital-with-gastroenteritisAlert – Devastated Kapunda family’s warning after 12-year-old Milla Foster died two days after visiting hospital with gastroenteritis

The distraught family of a 12-year-old girl who died two days after being diagnosed with a common illness have pleaded with others to not ignore their instincts if they suspect something is wrong. 

Milla Foster died on October 19 just two days after she was taken to the Kapunda Hospital in South ‘s Barossa Valley.

Doctors looked at her on October 17 for an hour and a half before diagnosing her with gastroenteritis and sending her home with medicine.

Her dad and step-mother are now dealing with the unbearably tragic loss of their daughter after they initially thought her condition was improving. 

Milla Foster, 12, died suddenly on October 19 after a two-day battle with gastroenteritis 

Her father Shannon Foster said that he hoped that the entire ordeal was a nightmare that he could wake up from to find that his daughter was still alive 

Mr Foster remembers his daughter as a free-spirit who loved Taylor Swift. 

‘She was a really good girl, I’m waiting to wake up and just see her,’ he told 9News. 

The beginning of the end started when Milla told her father that she had an upset stomach and other mild symptoms that did not initially raise too much concern. 

Mr Foster took her to the hospital with her step-mother Phoebe Kelly where doctors inspected Milla and determined that she had the relatively common illness.

Gastroenteritis, commonly just referred to as gastro, inflames the lining of the digestive system and can cause symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pain and nausea.

Typically the illness only lasts between 12 and 60 hours, or half a day to two-and-a-half days.

Although it is unlikely, the highly infectious condition can result in death from dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in people with underlying health conditions.

Gastro is a highly infectious illness that has a low mortality rate, but can be lethal if dehydration becomes severe

Milla’s step-mother Phoebe Kelly was shocked that the common illness turned lethal and warned other parents to trust their instincts if they think something is wrong 

Milla’s parents said that the 12-year-old’s condition was improving in the days after leaving the hospital until her sudden death.

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Now they are left to wonder if there is anything else that could have been done to save the young girl.

‘You don’t think that gastro can potentially kill – especially someone so young and so healthy,’ Ms Kelly said. 

‘Even if the doctors say you might be paranoid or if you’re just over-cautious – just listen to [your gut], because it’s there for a reason.’ 

The family has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for a celebration of Milla’s life amidst an outpouring of public support during this difficult time.  

The fundraiser’s initial goal of $5,000 was quickly met and the total now sits $22,000.

The funds will go towards unexpected bills and a memorial service which is planned for a future date. 

‘We have been deeply impacted by her loss and are reaching out to anyone within our community to help us with the unexpected funds we will be facing within the next week or so,’ Mr Foster wrote. 

‘We miss you so much Milla and love you always and forever.’

Mr Foster added that Milla’s memory will live on through her mother, step-mother, himself, and her four siblings.  

Mr Foster launched a GoFundMe which has raised $22,000 to cover expenses and is now organising a tribute to his daughter 

The South n Health Minister, Chris Picton, expressed his sympathies and said that Kapunda Hospital (pictured) and SA Health staff will cooperate with a coronial investigation 

The South n Health Minister, Chris Picton, expressed his sympathies for Milla’s family and promised a comprehensive investigation into what happened. 

‘My heartfelt sympathies go out to Milla’s family,’ the statement read. 

‘I will ensure that [Kapunda] hospital and SA Health staff fully cooperate with a coronial investigation.’ 

Friends of the family also shared their condolences online, where Mr Foster and Ms Kelly have posted tributes to their late daughter.

‘I am absolutely heartbroken for you all. I know nothing any of us can say will help but we are sending you all love and thoughts,’ one family friend wrote.

‘I’m so very sorry Shannon, no words can make this better but know you are in our hearts and thoughts,’ another wrote. 

‘So incredibly heartbreaking. I’m so so sorry Shannon. You’re surrounded by love and strength,’ a third added.

Ms Kelly shared a touching old letter that Milla had written her where the child had expressed the love she felt for her step-mother. 

‘To Phoebe,’ the letter began.

‘I like you cus you are niec to me and my dad. You are kind, loving, nice and all good stuff.

‘I like when I mack you giggel. I like when I get to [see] your smiel.

‘I like Phoebe.’ 

Ms Kelly shared online a touching letter that Milla had written her before her shock passing

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