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alert-–-handwritten-letter-from-the-late-queen-elizabeth-to-her-midwife-who-delivered-prince-edward-reveals-heartwarming-comments-about-her-youngest-sonAlert – Handwritten letter from the late Queen Elizabeth to her midwife who delivered Prince Edward reveals heartwarming comments about her youngest son

An unearthed letter handwritten by Queen Elizabeth II to her midwife in 1964 reveals the monarch as a doting mother following the birth of Prince Edward.

The two-page correspondence is addressed to the late monarch’s midwife and friend, Sister Helen ‘Rowie’ Rowe, on 5 August 1964 – five months after welcoming Prince Edward into the world.

The royal mother-of-four, then 38, described the newborn Prince as ‘good as gold’ and said he ‘makes everyone happy’.

The letter will be sold at the Eppli auction house in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, on 28 October. 

Sister Helen was on hand to deliver all of the Queen’s children, with Charles, Andrew and Edward born at Buckingham Palace, and Anne at Clarence House. 

An unearthed letter handwritten by Queen Elizabeth II to her midwife in 1964 reveals the monarch as a doting mother

The midwife passed away two years after the birth of Edward. 

Writing to her friend, the Queen said: ‘Dear Rowie, I am terribly sorry we never got in touch with you before you left London.

‘Mabel was ill in bed when you wrote, and I confess I misread your letter in a great hurry and remembered the wrong day you put down, and when I was away at Arundel last week, I suddenly was reminded of your letter and of course it was too late by then!

‘The baby is wonderful – good as gold, trying to sit up and weighing 15 lbs 12! He smiles and gurgles at everyone, and makes everyone happy!

‘Charles, I’m thankful to say, is better but very frail as yet. I hope we see you when we return in October. Yours sincerely Elizabeth R.’

In her note, Queen Elizabeth was referring to her eldest son Charles’ recovery from pneumonia that same summer.

The future King, then aged 15, fell ill while camping with classmates from Gordonstoun School at the Balmoral estate.  

In the letter, Queen Elizabeth described newborn Prince Edward as ‘good as gold’ (pictured 13 June 1964)

Queen Elizabeth pictured with Prince Andrew, then 4, and Prince Edward on 13 June 1964

Sister Helen Rowe pictured with Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace after his christening on 21 December 1948

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip welcomed their firstborn son, Prince Charles, in 1948, followed by Princess Anne, two years later. 

Prince Andrew was born in 1960 and Prince Edward arrived in March 1964 – twelve years after Elizabeth ascended to the throne. 

Earlier this year, on his 59th birthday, Edward became the Duke of Edinburgh, a title that previously belonged to his late father Philip. 

He has two children with wife Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh: Lady Louise Windsor, 19, and James, Earl of Wessex, 15.

The family resides at Bagshot Park in Surrey, although Lady Louise is currently away studying at the University of St Andrews.

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