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alert-–-jill-biden-says-there’s-‘nobody-i’d-rather-have-in-the-situation-room’-than-joe-during-these-perilous-times-as-she-woos-fashion’s-a-list-at-fundraiser-at-anna-wintour’s-$12m-townhouseAlert – Jill Biden says there’s ‘nobody I’d rather have in the Situation Room’ than Joe during these perilous times as she woos fashion’s A-list at fundraiser at Anna Wintour’s $12M townhouse

Jill Biden said on Monday there was no one she’d rather have in the White House Situation Room than her husband Joe Biden as she wooed fashion’s A-list at an intimate fundraiser at Anna Wintour’s home. 

In her remarks to a small audience – that included Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and designers Michael Kors and Tory Burch – the first lady touched on the violence in Israel and said she was ‘grateful’ that Joe Biden was in charge.

‘I wouldn’t wish the tragic events of the last two weeks on any American president. But I’m so grateful that Joe is our president during these unpredictable times,’ she said.

‘In these moments, with these perils that the world is facing, there is nobody that I would rather have sitting in the Situation Room right now than my husband and he probably is actually there,’ she said as the audience laughed. Earlier Monday, after making remarks on the economy, President Biden noted he was headed to the Situation Room for a briefing on the violence in the Middle East.

While the president stayed at the White House, the first lady made a quick trip to the financial capital of the country to ask for cash for her husband’s re-election campaign. 

First Lady Jill Biden was fundraising at the home of Anna Wintour

Wintour, the longtime Vogue editor and taste-maker, hosted about 40 people at her $12 million, four-story townhouse on Sullivan Street in New York’s Greenwich Village to help the Biden presidential campaign. 

She praised both Bidens in her opening remarks before taking a seat next to longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abiden.

Wintour, wearing a black dress but ditching her signature sunglasses, called President Biden’s recent trip to Israel as ‘an act of moral courage.’

And she noted he has a strong partner in Jill Biden. Wintour has been a staunch supporter of Democratic candidates. She put Jill Biden on the August 2021 cover of Vogue magazine.

‘First Lady Biden, who is here with us tonight, is a part of what makes President Biden such an important leader in times like this. She’s part of his moral courage,’ Wintour said.

‘Dr. Biden has been called a First Lady for all of us. She has this incredible ability to connect with all Americans from all walks of life, and all political affiliations. She has that smile. She has that light. And she looks fantastic in everything,’ she added.

Jill Biden, also wearing a black dress, thanked Wintour for her support of the Bidens over the past years. 

‘You’ve been such a generous friend to me and to Joe,’ she said.

‘And because of you, fashion has become something that’s more than just the clothes we pull out to put on each morning. It’s the vehicle of our own expression, a symbol of our values and our aspirations, a statement of our identity and it’s colorful armor – although I have black on tonight,’ she noted.

The audience laughed and applaued at several points during the two women’s brief remarks.  

Wintour put on a posh yet intimate spread in her home. The living room was cleared out and held five tables of eight chairs, all set closely together. Large urns of red flowers were in each corner of the room and on the fireplace. Small bouquets of flowers and three candles were the centerpiece of each table. With only three lights on in the room, most of the illumination came from candlelight.

Guests ate a dinner of chicken and grilled vegetables as Wintour and Biden spoke.

After her remarks, Jill Biden noted she’d walk around the room to speak to each table. 

‘Just remember you can tell me anything. I’m good at keeping a secret,’ she said, adding to let her know if they had ‘anything you want me to tell Joe.’

The first lady spoke to two fundraisers on Monday night. Before going to Wintour’s home she addressed supporters at the Columbus Citizens Foundation. The foundation supports Italian language and culture. Jill Biden is the first first lady of Italian ancestry.

Both fundraisers are in support of the Biden Victory Fund, the Biden campaign said.

The campaign declined to provide the amount raised when asked by

Anna Wintour is a longtime Democrat suporter

Anna Wintour’s home in New York

Only several months after becoming first lady Jill Biden was on the cover of Vogue.

In a lengthy profile the magazine described her as a ‘goddess’ and ‘a joy multiplier’.

The 6,000-word profile was accompanied by dazzling photos taken at the White House by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Leibovitz previously took cover photographs of First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton,

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden arrive at Fort McNair, Monday, Oct. 23, 2023, in Washington, on return from Delaware

The magazine also described Jill Biden as ‘driven, tireless, effortlessly popular, but also someone who reminds us of ourselves.’

It said she was ‘a very stylish person who even in jeans and a cashmere sweater over an untucked chambray looks totally pulled together.’

Michelle Obama was on the cover three times during her husband Barack Obama’s presidency.

Donald Trump and Republicans questioned why Melania Trump was never given the honor during her time as First Lady.

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