Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
alert-–-leader-of-islamic-extremist-group-that-held-protests-in-central-london-hails-hamas-terrorists-as-‘heroes’-and-says-october-7-attack-on-israel-‘made-us-all-very-happy’-in-shocking-commentsAlert – Leader of Islamic extremist group that held protests in central London hails Hamas terrorists as ‘heroes’ and says October 7 attack on Israel ‘made us all very happy’ in shocking comments

A leader of an extremist group that held pro-Palestine demonstrations in London said attacks on Israel ‘made us all happy’ and branded Hamas as ‘heroes’.

Luqman Muqeem, the leader of Hazib ut-Tahrir said the Hamas attack on October 7 ‘made us all very, very happy’. 

Following the attack on Israel, Muqeem described Hamas militants as ‘heroes’ for having ‘broken through the enemy lines of yahood (Jews)’. 

He has shared several other questionable posts on his Instagram and Tiktok accounts, including mocking Jewish statehood, saying that their promised land is Jahanam (the place of punishment like hell in Islam). 

In another post he appeared to endorse a quote from Imam Abu Haraira suggesting that the ‘last hour’ would come when the ‘muslims fight the Jews’ and ‘kill them’, the Telegraph reported.

Luqman Muqeem, the leader of Hazib  ut-Tahrir has written posts on social media branding Hamas terrorists as ‘heroes’ and saying that the attacks on October 7 ‘made us very, very happy’

Home Secretary Suella Braverman is under pressure to ban the group, which has held several pro-Palestine demonstrations in central London featuring chants of ‘jihad, jihad, jihad’ and placards decrying ‘zionist murder’

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has come under pressure to ban the extremist group, which has held protests outside the Turkish and Egyptian embassies in central London, including chants of ‘jihad’.

But despite the group’s demonstrations including chants of ‘jihad, jihad, jihad’ and activists holding placards saying ‘zionist murder’, the Met Police insisted that no crimes were committed.

Muqeem has represented Hazib ut-Tahrir at six university events in the UK on speaking panels.

Former prime ministers David Cameron and Tony Blair both tried to ban the extremist group which had pledged to ‘wipe out the zionist entity’ and referred to ‘monstrous Jews’. 

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