Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
alert-–-horror-as-man-and-woman-in-their-20s-are-mauled-by-two-dogs-and-rushed-to-hospital-after-trying-to-separate-the-fighting-houndsAlert – Horror as man and woman in their 20s are mauled by two dogs and rushed to hospital after trying to separate the fighting hounds

A man and woman in their 20s have been hospitalised after trying to separate a pair of dogs fighting. 

Police were called to a home in Campbell Close, Hereford, yesterday afternoon around 5.15pm following reports of the animals, who lived in the same house, attacking each other. 

The man suffered injuries to his hand while the woman suffered facial injuries after they were both knocked to floor. Both remain in hospital. 

The dog which caused injury to the man has been removed from the property and secured in a kennel. 

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: ‘Earlier this evening, officers responded to a report of a dog-related incident which caused injuries to two people in Hereford.

‘The incident took place at a residential property in Campbell Close, Hereford, at around 5.15pm on Sunday, October 22.

‘A man in his 20s suffered a hand injury attempting to separate the dogs and a woman, also in her 20s, suffered facial injuries after being knocked to the ground. They have been taken to hospital.

‘The dog which caused the injury to the man has been recovered and is currently secured at kennels.’

It is the latest in a spate of attacks that have been reported up and down the UK.

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