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alert-–-what-ai-thinks-the-typical-aussie-looks-like-in-your-home-town:-midjourney-nails-the-hipster-chic-of-melbourne-and-glamour-of-the-gold-coast-–-but-why-is-one-major-city-stuck-in-the-gold-rush?Alert – What AI thinks the typical Aussie looks like in your home town: Midjourney nails the hipster chic of Melbourne and glamour of the Gold Coast – but why is one major city stuck in the Gold Rush?

Artificial intelligence has revealed what the stereotypical Aussie looks like in the country’s major towns – from hipsters in Melbourne and the glamour girls of the Gold Coast… to people from Adelaide who look as if they’re from a different era.   

The AI program Midjourney, which creates ‘realistic’ images from a user’s prompts, was tasked by Daily Mail Australia to create images of men and women who represent their ‘home’ town.

And according to the AI, men from Australia’s major cities are all hipsters while their rural counterparts are more rugged and sun-kissed. The women are less generalised  and range from young uni students to older ladies.

Midjourney doesn’t get everything right – the Opera House was pictured distorted and missing sails behind the ‘typical’ Sydney man and only an Indigenous flag was flying at Parliament House in Canberra.


Midjourney saw the ‘stereotypical man from Sydney’ as a curly-haired gent casually sipping a coffee in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a distorted Opera House

Meanwhile, the AI similarly placed Sydney’s stereotypical woman in front of the Harbour Bridge.


Melbourne’s stereotypical man is straight from the hipster textbook, with long flowing hair, two scarves and stylish sunnies in a laneway on a typically cloudy Melbourne day

The AI’s typical woman for Melbourne produced a trendy, more mature woman with vibrant coloured clothing and grey hair with a tinge of pink


According to AI, Brisbane’s typical man can be seen posing on the banks of the Brisbane River while wearing sunglasses, similar to Sydney and Melbourne, and an unbuttoned collared shirt

Brisbane’s typical woman was the first AI image to not be wearing sunglasses, instead presenting a ‘girl next door’ type with a floral silk shirt in what could be a cafe 


The typical Canberran male appears as a university-age student. Noticeably, Parliament House only flies the Aboriginal flag 

The typical woman in the nation’s capital is apparently business-oriented. The tree-lined area seen in front of Parliament does not exist in real life


The AI found the ‘City of Churches’ not iconic enough to include a house of worship in either image of the city’s stereotypical man and woman – instead bizarrely presenting them as both from a bygone era, seemingly the Gold Rush

Both the man and the woman appear to be from the days of the Gold Rush, appearing in Victorian-style clothing


Darwin was the first AI-generated Aussie male to appear old and rugged, wearing a classic wide-brimmed hat with a dishevelled beard and a tattered shirt

Darwin’s female AI model was also the first to be Indigenous, with wispy white hair and beaded necklaces in the colours or the Aboriginal flag


Perth’s stereotypical man takes the cake as the most hipster in the nation, with a flowing head of hair and beard, and a button-up shirt completely opened to reveal his chest tattoos

Perth’s typical female is an older women dressed in pastel coloured clothing with the ocean behind her, according to AI


Broome was the only Australian city where the AI generated images of Indigenous people for both the stereotypical man and woman, with the male wearing a a denim shirt stained by red dirt and a well-worn hat

Midjourney also produced both the man and woman to appear with traditional-style face paint, even going as far to detail how the it would run over the slight wrinkles in both of their faces 


The AI also produced an Indigenous man as stereotypical of Cairns, however he appears to be more of a ‘hippy’, wearing a singlet and letting his beard and hair grow wild

The stereotypical Cairns woman appears to be a lover of fruit, even wearing what looks to be strawberry earrings 


Townsville’s stereotypical man looks more rugged than his city-slicker counterparts, with a sun-kissed face and a slight stubble to complement his tough facial expression.

Townsville’s stereotypical woman, much like Adelaide’s, also appears to come from a different era, wearing a shirt with short billowed sleeves and with her red hair tied up 


The average man on the Gold Coast departs slightly from the usual stereotype of a young man keen to party, and instead appears as an older gentleman with neck and chest tattoos 

The Gold Coast’s stereotypical woman however falls directly into the glam-girl stereotype the city is known for


Geelong’s typical man includes the windswept curly hair from the oceanside town, however he also appears sombre and staring past the image

The typical woman from Geelong is dressed casually while oddly accessorising with four separate bags


Midjourney was able to capture the essence of Newcastle’s history as a hard-nosed town of steelworkers, with the stereotypical man being older and of a tougher disposition

The typical woman however seems to reflect Newcastle’s emerging popularity as a university town, with a younger female in casual clothing and wearing a shoulder bag

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