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alert-–-dave-chappelle-triggers-walkout-from-boston-show-after-comedian-slammed-hamas-attacks,-israel’s-‘war-crimes’-and-pro-palestinian-students-who’ve-had-job-offers-nixedAlert – Dave Chappelle triggers WALKOUT from Boston show after comedian slammed Hamas attacks, Israel’s ‘war crimes’ and pro-Palestinian students who’ve had job offers nixed

Dave Chapelle sparked a walkout during a show in Boston last week after slamming Israel for its ‘war crimes’ against Palestinians.

The comedian made the comments after telling the audience that he didn’t think students who were protesting in support of Palestine should lost job offers.

A furious audience member shouted, ‘Shut up’, according to The Wall Street Journal.

But the 50-year-old comic – who made it clear he also condemned the terror attack by Hamas on October 7 – went on to accuse the Israeli government of killing innocent civilians, as well as cutting off water and other essentials.

Some in the TD Garden arena got up and left while others applauded, shouting, ‘Free Palestine.’

At the end of the show, Chapelle argued that two wrongs did not make a right.

A spokeswoman for the comedian said he ‘denies being in Boston last night.’

Dave Chappelle triggered a walkout during one of his shows in Boston after he condemned the Hamas attacks on October 7 and criticized Israel’s relentless bombing of Gaza

The comedian, 50, aired his views about the conflict in the Middle East during his performance at the TD Garden arena on Thursday, according to The Wall Street Journal

He slammed Israel over its response to the Hamas attack, which has seen over 6,000 bombs dropped on Gaza in less than a week, and accused the country of killing innocent people

An audience member, who walked out of the show, took to social media to criticize Chappelle over his comments. 

‘The audience was cheering Chappelle on during his tirade. I was sick. We were sick. I turned to my friends and wife and said I think it is time to go,’ he said. 

‘We walked out and met up with many other Jews leaving the show. Never in my life have I felt so unsafe and so fearful of what I was witnessing.’

The military response by Israel to the Hamas attacks has seen more than 4,300 Palestinians killed, according to the Gaza health ministry. 

More than half of those killed by air-strikes have been women and children, according to the service. 

The latest war between Israel and Hamas has been the deadliest yet. 

The United Nations said 1.4 million people have been displaced due to the war with more than half a million people in 147 shelters. 

Israel told all residents in the northern Gaza strip to evacuate and move south but air strikes have continued to hit southern Gaza.

Chappelle condemned the Hamas attacks on October 7, in which 1,400 Israelis were killed and another 200 were taken hostage, before he slammed Israel’s military response, according to audience members

Bags provided to audience members at the event featured his name on it 

The military response by Israel to the Hamas attacks has seen more than 4,300 Palestinians killed, according to the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry

The United Nations said 1.4 million people have been displaced due to the war with more than half a million people in 147 shelters

Some Palestinians have refused to leave their homes as they believe nowhere is safe. 

Israel cut off supplies to Gaza after the Hamas attacks which saw its military wing break through the border into Israel. 

Its government said aid into the country would be blocked until the hostages were returned before a deal was agreed for Egypt to reopen its northern border and allow desperately needed humanitarian aid to enter the war-torn enclave.

The first aid trucks entered Gaza on Saturday and the Israeli military said the aid was for southern Gaza only.

UN officials have described the situation in Gaza as a humanitarian catastrophe and have called for an immediate ceasefire. 

The conflict has sparked mass protests across the world in solidarity with the plight of Palestinian civilians as well as those standing with Israel following the Hamas attacks. 

There has been demonstrations in cities including, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. 

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