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alert-–-natalee-holloway’s-mother-reveals-bizarre-meeting-with-joran-van-der-sloot’s-parents-when-they-bragged-about-his-wild-sex-life-and-admitted-he-was-in-anger-management-classesAlert – Natalee Holloway’s mother reveals bizarre meeting with Joran van der Sloot’s parents when they bragged about his wild sex life and admitted he was in anger management classes

The mother of murdered high school student Natalee Holloway has revealed details of a bizarre meeting with the parents of her daughter’s killer where they bragged about their son’s wild sex life.

Beth Holloway travelled to Joran Van der Sloot’s family home in Aruba shortly after the disappearance of her daughter in 2005.

The Dutch murderer initially denied involvement and told investigators that he had been with Natalee the night she went missing, but had dropped her off at her hotel room.

This week he finally admitted bludgeoning the 17-year-old to death after she spurned his sexual advances, as part of a sweetheart plea deal.

Now her mother has spoken about an uncomfortable meeting with Van der Sloot’s parents in the early days of the search for Natalee, stating that they ‘raised a killer’ as she reflected on the encounter.

Beth Holloway, mother of murdered Natalee Holloway, shared details of a meeting with the parents of her daughter’s killers where they bragged about his sex life and admitted he was in anger management classes

Holloway travelled to the family’s home with News Max’s Greta Van Susteren, who would go on to cover the case extensively for the next 18 years. She called the meeting the ‘most freakish’ of her life.

Recounting the experience, the women recalled how Van der Sloot’s mother Anita was ‘sobbing uncontrollably’ and told them explicit details of alleged sexual encounters between her son and Natalee, which he had told her about.

Van Susteren described how she was, ‘Sobbing, and telling the most graphic things about things that she said Joran did sexually to Natalee things, that I mean, horribly graphic.’

Holloway also recalled how Van der Sloot’s father Paulus was sweating so profusely his wife had to use a kitchen towel to mop up pools on the floor.

Holloway said: ‘He was sweating so, I was trying not to gag. The sweat was forming in these pools and all the pools joined together and made one large lake.  I got nauseous.’ 

Van Susteren said looking back the reason he was sweating so much was likely because he knew his son had done wrong and he was suffering a guilty conscience. 

Holloway agreed and said: ‘Well, he raised a killer’ and of his mother she added, ‘she enabled him in every way.’

In the course of the meeting it also emerged that Van der Sloot was undergoing anger management classes, which his mother told Holloway were going ‘so well’. Holloway also gave both parents ‘Hope for Natalee’ bracelets made by the teen’s friends.

Natalee Holloway, 17, was bludgeoned to death by Joran Van der Sloot during a trip to Aruba in 2005

Van der Sloot only admitted he killed Natalee as part of a plea deal for wire fraud and extortion charges after he attempted to scam his victim’s mother out of $250,000 for information on the location of her remains

Paulus Van der Sloot and his wife Anita, pictured here with Joran, met with Beth Holloway amid her search for answers over her daughter’s disappearance

Van der Sloot confessed to his crimes as part of a plea deal which saw him convicted for trying to extort money from his victim’s family to reveal the whereabouts of her body. 

He will not face any jail time over the murder, but was legally compelled to release all details of the killing as part of the deal.

Chilling audio of his confession released this week revealed Van der Sloot calmly discussing how he caved in Natalee’s face with a cinder block after she rejected his advances. 

The two had met at a bar where Natalee had been celebrating her high school graduation, the night before she was due to return to the US on May 30, 2005.

He described how the two were kissing on the beach when he tried to take things further and Natalee refused, kicking him in the crotch when he failed to stop. 

In retaliation he kicked her ‘extremely hard’ in the face, rendering her unconscious, before picking up the ‘huge’ block and ‘smashing’ her face in. He then dumped her body in the Caribbean Sea and it has never been found.

His admission came almost two decades after he was first arrested and released as a suspect in Natalee’s disappearance and after he tried to extort $250,000 from her family in return for information on her remains.

Holloway said:  ‘If I had of known then though Greta, when we were in the Van der Sloot home, it was going to take me 18 years to see him shackled in a US federal court house I would have slit my wrists. 

Five years after the killing, an FBI sting recorded the extortion attempt which ultimately led to Van der Sloot’s confession of murder although he will not serve any time for the killing itself

Holloway said Anita Van der Sloot ‘enabled’ everything her son has done and said his parents had ‘raised a killer’

Natalee, pictured left, had been celebrating her high school graduation in Aruba when she met Van der Sloot at a bar

‘I couldn’t have done it it would have been too much, it would have been infinity. For a parent well you just feel like there’s no reason to live any more it’s too long. 

‘I guess in hindsight it’s good I didn’t know what was ahead of me. Because you would quit, you would quit earlier. It would be too daunting.’

She also detailed the moment she turned to face her daughter’s murderer in court, saying that he ‘looked like hell’.

Holloway added: ‘It was nice to have him under control’. But she said: ‘He ain’t going to make it. Get him out of our United States. He needs to go back there in his rat hole, he’s in a rat cage he’ll be fine.’

She was also stunned to learn that the home where she met the killer’s parents is listed on Airbnb. Holloway said: ‘You can book a double murderer’s Airbnb, wow.’ 

Van der Sloot has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for wire fraud and extortion which he will serve out in Peru, where he is currently serving 28 years for the murder of another woman.

In 2010, he smothered 21-year-old Stephany Flores in a hotel room in Lima, after they got into a fight when Flores learned he had been linked to Natalee’s disappearance.

The murder took place exactly five years to the day that Van der Sloot killed Natalee. 

Following her murder, Anita Van der Sloot – who had steadfastly stood by her son during Natalee’s disappearance – admitted that he may have been involved in the Flores murder.

She told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that her son is ‘sick in his head’. She was not present in court for her son’s sentencing. 

Van der Sloot’s father, a prominent lawyer,  passed away from a heart attack the same year Flores was killed. Holloway attributed this to the ‘stress’ of trying to shield Van der Sloot from conviction.

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