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alert-–-exclusive:-ai-imagines-what-european-tourists-from-17-countries-look-like…-according-to-the-stereotypical-views-of-americansAlert – EXCLUSIVE: AI imagines what European tourists from 17 countries look like… according to the stereotypical views of Americans

EXCLUSIVE: AI imagines what European tourists from 17 countries look like… according to the stereotypical views of Americans

  • The images were created using the AI image-generator Midjourney 
  • The software produced images that may have potential bias and stereotypes 
  • READ MORE: AI imagines what Americans in all 50 states look like using stereotypical European views 

By Stacy Liberatore For AlertContent

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At least two million people from the European Union and the  United Kingdom visit the United States yearly to see the sights and mingle with Americans.

However, Americans have formed their own opinions about what the stereotypical visitor from each nation and those ideas have been brought to life by AI.

AlertContent asked Midjourney, a system that creates images based on text prompts, how Americans think tourists from each country look while visiting the US.

According to the tech, Americans think the French dress to impress even when hiking the Grand Canyon and Scotsmen wear the traditional kilt no matter where they go – even on the New York subway.

Scottish tourists

AI re-imagined what an American thinks a tourist from Scotland looks like, creating a young man wearing the traditional kilt while riding the New York City subway. More than 350,000 Scots visit the US each year

 French tourists

Americans must think the French dress up no matter where they go. Here, a man is wearing the Marinière while taking in the views of the Grand Canyon. More than 300,000 people from France travel to the US each year

Dutch tourists 

Americans must think all Dutch tourists wear wooden shoes and bonnets. Data shows that more than 111,000 people from the Netherlands come to the US each year

Polish tourists

Americans think all Polish men have long, dark beards. AI re-imagined this tourist at Mount Rushmore. At least 30,000 people from Poland venture to American each year

 Austrian tourists

Americans must believe all Austrian tourists have blond hair and always wear some sort of pink garment.  More than 175,000 Austrians visited the US in 2022

Bulgarian tourists

Although more than 80 percent of Bulgarians have dark hair, the AI believes Americans think those visiting the country have blond locks

Croatian tourists

The AI thinks the typical Croatian tourists would wear clothes resembling the American flag when visiting the US. Croatians are also allowed to travel to the US without visas

Danish tourists

Danes are of Nordic Scandinavian ancestry, with a majority having blond hair and blue eyes, and that might be how Americans see them as they visit California in this image 

Estonian tourists

Here are two Estonians visiting a festival in the US, and according to how Americans view them, AI created a couple with blond hair and blue eyes. The US Visa Waiver Program allows Estonian business people, tourists and in-transit visitors to enter America without a visa

Finnish tourists

Finland is located in northern Europe, and most Americans must think Finnish tourists are always dressed for winter – no matter where they go. More than 29,000 Finnish vacationed in the US in 2020

Irish tourists 

Americans must think Irish tourists have just come to the US to party. The AI generated an image of three individuals drinking beer on a sunny day. More than 400,000 people from Ireland visit the US each year

Italian tourists 

Americans must think Italian tourists look just like they do across the Atlantic. The AI created an image of a couple sitting outside of a café, which could be located in Little Italy, New York.  Pre-pandemic, millions of Italians would flock to the US for vacation, but that number has since fallen to 135,000 in 2021

English tourists

Americans must think the English have just as much pride for their country as they do. The AI created a snapshot of two men wearing their flag proudly. The U.S. recorded roughly 730 thousand travelers from the United Kingdom in 2020

Greek tourist 

Americans must think all Greek tourists will jump at any opportunity to remove their shirts. The AI created an image of this man from Greece who is visiting Texas while on vacation

Portuguese tourists

Americans might think most Portuguese tourists have dark hair and slim bodies, as the AI created in this image. The US had more than 25,000 visitors from Portugal in 2022

German tourists 

American’s views about German tourists must be that they all have blond hair and blue eyes. The man in this picture is also wearing what appears to be a traditional German hat while the two are visiting a festival in the US

Swedish tourists 

Americans must think all Swedish men have beards due to the cold weather that engulfs the northern European country. Here, this man appears to be waiting for his ride after he just arrived in the US

Spanish tourists 

Americans think Spanish tourists will bring their whimsical flare with them to the US, according to AI. Data shows more than 182,000 people from Spain visited the US in 2021

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