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alert-–-muslim-leader-reacts-after-sydney-church-stabbing-in-wakeleyAlert – Muslim leader reacts after Sydney church stabbing in Wakeley

Two influential Muslim leaders have criticised stabbing victim Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel over comments he made, which they claim insulted their religion.

The bishop, 53, is in a stable condition in hospital after he was allegedly stabbed by a teen about 7pm Monday while he led a service at Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley in what police have called a ‘terrorist incident’.

He was captured on the live stream of the church service shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he stabbed the bishop in the head, neck and torso at least eight times.

Video showed the alleged 16-year-old perpetrator detained by police on the ground inside the church before he spoke in Arabic.

The words are understood to translate to: ‘If he didn’t swear at my Prophet, I wouldn’t be here. If he didn’t involve himself in my religion, I wouldn’t be here.’

The n Muslim social media page, which has more than 2.6million followers, and Mohamed Shaar, who runs the Sydney Ruqyah Centre, have both condemned the violent act but said some of the bishop’s teachings were hate speech.

Shaar, who has previously courted controversy over his homophobic views, said the bishop had ‘ran his mouth’.

‘What’s funny is all those Muslims saying quick recovery, and I hope he gets better and so on. Especially those liars in the Cumberland council who have Islamic names.

‘Where were you when he was abusing our prophet and our religion?’

‘We condemn the people who do any harm, even to an animal; we don’t support any kind of violence in our community, but why haven’t you, Mr Politician and Mr Community Leader, said something to him that could have solved the issues?’

‘He ran his mouth and said that our Prophet is rotten in a grave. We love our Prophet.

‘Leave our religion and Prophet alone.

The alleged 'terrorist attack' on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was streamed on the church's online broadcast

The alleged ‘terrorist attack’ on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was streamed on the church’s online broadcast

Mohammed Shaar, who has previously courted controversy over his homophobic views , said the bishop had 'ran his mouth' about the prophet Muhammad

Mohammed Shaar, who has previously courted controversy over his homophobic views , said the bishop had ‘ran his mouth’ about the prophet Muhammad

The n Muslim social media page, which is not to be confused with the n Muslim Project, said: ‘I’m not justifying the actions of that kid, but the bishop started it’.

‘He’s been slandering our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We Muslims will never ever slander Jesus, peace be upon him.’

The comment sparked mixed responses from followers, and more than 1,000 likes.

‘I watched a video of him a couple of days back, he sounded so self consumed and demeaning to other religions. This is very concerning,’ one said.

‘We need calm, not inflammatory language. We live in a multi cultural society and there will always be people who reject our faith but we should set good examples through our actions,’ another said.

‘We will never grow, mature and be properly respected by those outside our faith until we learn to counter ignorance and propaganda with education rather than violence,’ a third said.

A video in the aftermath of Monday night’s attack showed the accused teenager pinned on the ground before he said in Arabic he wouldn’t be there if the bishop ‘didn’t insult my prophet … If he didn’t involve himself in my religion.’

The church where Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was attacked as he led a service broke away from the Assyrian Church of the East in 2014 after the bishop was ex-communicated over theological differences.

He himself had gained a significant following on social media where the Christ the Good Shepherd’s Facebook and YouTube pages have more than 240,000 followers.

He has delivered some sermons criticising non-Christian religions, including Judaism and Islam, and has also recently delivered sermons calling for peace in Gaza.

He appeared in a video made last December for the PBD Podcast, hosted by American broadcaster Patrick Bet-David.

On the podcast, Bishop Emmanuel (pictured) questioned Islamic beliefs around Jesus, who he calls Isa, and said 'the truth hurts'

On the podcast, Bishop Emmanuel (pictured) questioned Islamic beliefs around Jesus, who he calls Isa, and said ‘the truth hurts’

On the podcast, Bishop Emmanuel questioned Islamic beliefs around Jesus, who he calls Isa, and said ‘the truth hurts’.

‘Your book (the Koran) says that Isa, son of Mary, went up to Heaven alive and he will come back to judge the dead and the living.

‘If I ask a Muslim ‘Who judges?’, they will say God.

‘Well, you’re telling me this prophet (Muhammad) will judge, so which is which? Has the prophet taken the role of God? Has God gone on vacation and he’s come and taken his position?’

The bishop said ‘Isa is the living messiah, even (the Koran) says’.

‘Now let me ask you, my dear Muslim, if you’re claiming Isa is a prophet, then how come all the other prophets which you believe in – you believe in Moses, you believe in Isa, you believe in all the prophets of the Old Testament.

‘How come none of the Old Testament prophets were referred to as ‘The word of God’, except Isa? Why?’

Bishop Emmanuel then spoke about Jesus’ birth to Mary and how he is the son of God.

‘How come all the prophets and every single human being on the face of this planet was born of an Earthly father and an Earthly mother, yet Jesus, son of Mary, was born in a virginal birth,’ he said.

‘He has an Earthly mother, but has no Earthly father. For his father (is) who art in Heaven.’

The outspoken bishop added that ‘The very reason Muhammad failed is because he’s dead. Their book says that …

‘I know truth hurts. I’m not offending people, I’m speaking the truth. And if it offends you, I’m really sorry. Not. I’m not sorry for that.’

He later told his fellow panellists on the podcast that ‘When you go to Heaven, I can assure you … Muhammad will not greet you, Buddha will not greet you, (Hindu deity) Krishna will not greet you, because they will not.

‘It will be only one, who is the way, the truth and the life, it will be Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who died for you and me.’

NSW Premier Chris Minns has met with leaders from different faiths across the city who have all issued statements condemning the attack and calling for peace and unity.

Mr Minns said the city is in a combustible and abnormal situation and there’s no point pretending otherwise after the stabbing sparked violent riots in Wakeley.

‘I can understand people’s concern and anxiety in what has been an incredibly difficult week in Sydney,’ Mr Minns said.

NSW Premier Chris Minns met with faith leaders on Tuesday to call for peace and unity

NSW Premier Chris Minns met with faith leaders on Tuesday to call for peace and unity

‘It is a combustible situation, there’s no point in pretending that everything is as normal.’

Mr Minns said police now had enhanced patrols.

‘Particularly in western Sydney, particularly around religious institutions, for the rest of the week and the weekend,’ he said.

The public has been urged to come together and act reasonably.

‘Take the heed from the civic and religious leaders of this state who are calling for calm and an absolute repudiation of all kinds of violence,’ Mr Minns said.

Several police who responded to the stabbing were injured during the subsequent riot while paramedics had to seek refuge in the church as a large crowd gathered after the attack was captured during a social media livestream.

It was declared an act of terror on Tuesday, with an apparent religious motivation behind the attack allegedly committed by a 16-year-old with a history of knife-related crime.

Mr Minns said he had spoken with the five officers hospitalised after the riot.

‘Several of them were back out on shift the next day,’ he said, praising their dedication.

The attack was streamed on social media, where federal Environment Minister and Sydney MP Tanya Plibersek warned lies are being used to divide a reeling city.

‘We know there are people deliberately trying to stoke division on social media … switch if off if you can,’ she said.

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